Sunday, February 24, 2013

Asbestos risks not a thing of the past
An asbestos expert has warned that disease from the deadly substance is not a thing of the past.
He says bad worksite practices and ignorance are putting everyone at risk.
Yesterday 40 workers evacuated a city worksite when a union official discovered they’d been working amongst asbestos dust for weeks. Across town, asbestos contaminated soil was found during landscaping at Glenside hospital.
The union fears if it’s being found on worksites where people are trained to recognise it, the problem is likely to be far more widespread.
“We don't know how much asbestos would be going out on to domestic sites where perhaps that training’s not being done, used on driveways, used as underfill for concrete slabs,” John Carter says.

 John Carter, a dear friend and a valued board member of Bernie Banton Foundation spoke out on the dangers still prevailing in Australia with workers being exposed to asbestos.  Some workers are unaware they are being exposed to asbestos while others are ignorant and just want to get the job done no matter what the consequences for them and their family are, so if asbestos is onsite then they do not care just so long as they get paid for a good day's labour.  They take the attitude ' I've gotta die from something'!

I find it unbelievable here in Australia that this continues to happen!  After all asbestos was finally banned in 2004 in Australia, so why is it still rearing its ugly head.  Until we get serious on asbestos and eradiation/heavily subsidised for removal and disposal we will continue to be exposed daily through work, home and environment.

I had a go slow day today - just trying to grab back some lost energy, no doubt an earlier night tonight, meditation and waking up tomorrow after a goodnight's sleep will see me regain my energy levels!  This is part of living with mesothelioma - I go with the flow - while my energy levels are good I keep on going and work thru tiredness, usually it works, sometimes I have to stop and smell the roses for a day or so!

Tomorrow will be my eldest daughter Jo's 37th birthday - I am catching the train to her home and staying the night.  The kids will have swimming lessons in the late evening - I am honoured to be able to go with them and watch how they so love this lesson especially with nana watching on the sideline.  I am going to mind the kids while they go out on a special birthday dinner date and I will stay the night - so looking forward to tomorrow!

Today the weather reached 37 degrees, very humid, hot, dry and no rain insight!  Charlie our beautiful 5 yr old siamese cat was so exhausted, he just plonked himself in the kitchen and wouldn't move!

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