Thursday, March 7, 2013

Asbestos Free Future 7 March 2013

AMWU Communications officer interviewed me this afternoon to put an article on this website:
AMWU is working with community groups to try to get the Govt to take some decisive action in protecting the next generation against asbestos.
Rod Smith wrote this on facebook:
Bernie Banton Foundation Director, Geoff Fary chaired the Asbestos Management Review, a review that produced a ground breaking report. This report was universally accepted by all Australian Parliamentary parties - now it is time for implementation! No ifs! No buts! No asbestos!
Please support this initiative.
Open the site, click on the TAKE ACTION tab in the site tool bar, and lobby your MP (if you are an Aussie).
Please do it TODAY!
I am in contact with a 'friend of a dear friend' who lives in America, he is now just waiting for his daughter to arrive next week and once she does come, then he can close his eyes for the last time.  He is in so much pain and difficulty with breathing.  He has pleural mesothelioma and was only diagnosed Aug last yr.  He decided not to have treatment and basically went home and waited to see what would happen to him.  I feel his pain and just wish that he had a good GP to 'help him' along the road!  My love goes out to him so much and to his wife as well.

Tomorrow I am going to see my local GP as I need to get a medical clearance to fly with Qantas for the Washington conference!

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