Sunday, October 12, 2014

PET scan results and passing of a warrior friend

It seems ages since I have written my blog.  I did have good intentions Sat morning to do so, however body aches/flu got in the way!!  Late Friday evening a visit to Melbourne for results of recent PET/CT and round table discussion of my case.  The appointment with my oncologist was a mixed bag this time - the multi disciplinary team all came to the same conclusion NO DRAINAGE as the tumours would seed.  All including my oncologist felt that further chemo is the way to go to get a bit more shrinkage of fluid only.  Where the dead mass is (and no one can actually come up with what it is) there is active tumour activity there - that is what the PET scan showed,  chemo will not shrink the tumours anymore as they appear to now be too resilient to further treatment, however as good as it gets fluid shrinkage may occur so I was due to have further chemo Weds 15 Oct, due to the flu it now will be Weds 22 Oct.  So tumour growth is on the increase however as I said to my oncologist I feel well and my breathing is good - so quality of life is there!!  Now I just have to lol shake this rotten flu bug!

On another note, we lost a very brave warrior friend yesterday to mesothelioma in Queensland.  Pat McCormick born in 1956 who was married to his beautiful childhood sweetheart Marilyn.  I have very special memories of a wonderful dinner party at Gail and Steve Cook's home in July 2013 where Keith and myself got to meet Pat, Marilyn and their beautiful daughter Nicole.  Steve was the perfect host along with Gail and cooked up a hearty meal for us.  Steve sadly lost his life in Nov 2013 to mesothelioma.  Again in July 2014 Gail, my friend Helen, Pat and Marilyn caught up once again at Burleigh Life saving club for a wonderful lunch of laughter, sadness and 3 hours of friendship.  Pat like Steve was a brave warrior who never gave up even though his pain was so unbearable for most of his 2.75 years of living with this deadly and aggressive cancer.  Pat is now resting free of pain.  Both Steve and Pat should still be here living their life with their soulmates however thanks to asbestos greed their lives were cut short.  Both Gail and Marilyn are left to pick up the pieces without their soulmates.  RIP Pat and Steve you both are dearly loved and sadly missed.  

Our recent quick trip to Queensland was wonderful, hectic and enjoyable.  I got to spend time very special time with my beautiful daughter Debbie and little grandchildren Lux, Evie and new little baby girl.  No name yet for bub - keep posted!  This picture is taken at Shingle Inn, City Hall, Brisbane.
When my children were little in the early 1980s we would on special occasions visit the original Shingle inn for birthdays and other special events.  This visit to the 'newly restored' inn brought back very special memories for both myself and Debbie.  Especially as Debbie has now returned as a mum with her daughters!
Brisbane's favourite place to dine since 1936
One of Brisbane's great icons, the Shingle Inn, has returned to the city. If you're a little puzzled as to why I refer to it as returned, it's because I'm not talking about the Shingle Inn cafes that can be found dotted around the CBD and suburbs, but the flagship restaurant that once resided on Edward Street. The original Shingle Inn has reopened in its new home on the ground floor of the recently refurbished Brisbane City Hall. Steeped in tradition and offering an exceptional dining experience, a visit to the original restored Shingle Inn is the new must-do for visitors to Brisbane as well as returning diners.

Shingle Inn Brisbane City Hall
Inside Shingle Inn Brisbane City Hall, image courtesy of Shingle Inn

The original Shingle Inn opened in 1936 as a café bakery renowned for its decadent sweet treats, exquisite surrounds and outstanding customer service. When it closed a little over 10 years ago to make way for the Queens Plaza shopping development many people thought that Brisbane would never again see a true English teahouse. Thanks to some careful storage, diligent restoration work, and the generosity of the Bellchambers family who have gifted the café to the city of Brisbane, the original Shingle Inn is once again open for business.
Many of the classic Shingle Inn heritage fixtures have been faithfully restored in the new premises. Original light fittings, the ornate chandelier that once hung in the front window display area, polished brass table footings and warm wood panelling are all on display once again. However it is the beautifully restored wood booths and iconic shingled roof awning that visitors will instantly recognise and remember. Apart from the fixtures and furniture there are more subtle traditions that have endured the test of time. The shiny silver sugar bowls that are turned to represent whether a table has been served, the mouth-watering display of decadent treats in the front window, and the friendly hospitality of the waitresses dressed in distinctive black and white outfits have all continued.

Shingle Inn Brisbane City Hall

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