Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lou's radiation course finished. Lou almost back on board!

Where do I begin!  Recent blog saw results not that good and an immediate course of radiation was needed to shrink the 20cm tumour that had pierced thru pleura into stomach creating a very dangerous situation.   I survived ... shall I say we survived the 10 days ... 14 day stay, as Keith was with me all the way - living, breathing and having to put up with my highs and lows when various meds would kick in, plus anxiety etc of the situation took its toll on both of us.  Trying to stop the nausea and pain was a huge priority and luckily a visit to see Stephen Vaughn part of my oncology team promptly within a few days did this, to the point of taking the meds religiously for a couple of more weeks until the radiation does its magic - a big thank you Stephen for making our life much improved.  Both much improved especially the pain management.  While there I quickly became very fatigued however was able to in between catch up with a few close family and friends.

We stayed near the Epworth hospital, Richmond in East Melbourne and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings including Fitzroy Gardens when I felt up to a walk.  By end of the 2 weeks I was again lol looking for park benches to lie/sit on.

There is no place like home!  Charlie (our beautiful siamese cat) was just to happy to have us home - he quickly told us very vocally, then became clingy until he felt comfortable after a few days that we were home to stay.

While we were in the Epworth hospital 2 beautiful and brave warriors were there at various times - Mary Heddles and David Shaw.  We met on the Monday morning at the little cafe downstairs in the hospital for a catchup - Lou, Keith, Mary and her husband Martin and Coral Shaw as she had received the good news that David was being released to come home that day after a long stay in the hospital to manage his pain.  It is with sad news that I received a message from Coral the next morning to say her beautiful warrior, soulmate and husband passed away that morning.  David got his wish to go home - I am so glad that wish was granted.  Unfortunately I could not attend his funeral as it was my last day of radiation and both were being held at 1pm.  I was there in spirit holding Coral and Catherine's hands.
Coral Shaw A beautiful picture of Coral and David.
RIP David you truly are a brave warrior xx

Last week saw Keith and myself with an appointment at a holistic funeral parlour in Woodend
called NaturalGrace.  They are all over Victoria.  Website -
We are holistic funeral directors integrating end of life, after death and funeral care.
Authentic, sustainable and beautiful choice offered by compassionate, experienced and gentle professionals.

We both came away from there emotionally drained however at peace and to be able to plan our  own funerals our way is such a relief.  It does not mean that I am going to die tomorrow, it just now means that we both know exactly when the time comes we will be at peace with the arrangements in place.  So we can now place this in a folder and file away!  I have chosen a beautiful wicker basket (slightly shaped like a coffin) with rope handles on the side.  Notelets attached with string to the basket where everyone can write what they would like to say at the funeral.  This will be a keepsake for Keith to look at during his time of grieving.

I am so pleased through my local doctor who had attended one of these services recently at a friend's property (my funeral will be held at our home) and highly recommended the genuine warmth and harmony.  Also thanks to my beautiful neighbour who happened to mention this green/environmentally friendly funeral directors when I mentioned my wishes.

To all the beautiful warriors doing it tough around the world - my heart goes out to you.  Sending you a rainbow of love, strength and smiles.

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