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Keytruda for Mesothelioma overnight no. 14 and walk in the park!
Search for Keytruda Lou Williams Mesothelioma to find my petition to fast track Keytruda on our Australian PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) for Mesothelioma and other rare cancers.

Sarah 20 years diagnosed with Mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) fighting for her life!

Lou (Louise) Williams, Australia
2 Jan 2016 Sarah who lives in USA
Sarah is only 20 years of age, married with a beautiful little son. Sarah was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, the deadly form of asbestos cancer in July 2015. She and her family are headed to Dallas next week for surgery to remove her left lung, followed by chemotherapy and radiation for several weeks. Doctors tell her that even with the surgery, she might only live two or three more years.
Lou's comment: Sarah is a very brave warrior with such inner strength and has the love of her family, friends and the Mesothelioma community. Sarah you are not on your own, we are holding your hand all the way. You will get through this!
Update 10 Jan 2016: Sarah has had her operation to remove a lung and a couple of ribs (Extrapleural Pneumonectomy for Mesothelioma operation). She was in ICU for a few days and has now been moved to another ward. She took her first big walk today and is making good progress. Sarah is so young, brave and a real warrior who with her husband, Logan, is being faced with this nightmare of living with mesothelioma through no fault of her own - her innocent exposure to inhaling invisible asbestos fibres probably as a little child to being diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. Sarah you truly are a very brave person who has so many family and friends sending your so much support and wishing you a speedy recovery from your major operation.
Logan's comment: Please keep praying for a quick recovery thank you everyone. Sarah is recovering well, very sore from the operation and just wants to be home with their little son.
 Sarah recovering 2 days after major surgery to remove a lung and 2 ribs for Mesothelioma Cancer.

Hugs in Unity around the world to Sarah and everyone else doing it tough atm.  My heart goes out to Krissandy who lost her mum to Mesothelioma last night.  She tried to access Keytruda for her mum however was unable to do so in her own country without huge expense.  I tried all avenues to help her obtain it however we weren't successful.  Unfortunately her beautiful mother died in absolute painful agony as medications did not work.  Within 3 months her life was ended after being diagnosed in October 2015 with mesothelioma cancer.  Mesothelioma (asbestos) cancer can be very brutal, aggressive and painful.
 I had No. 14 Keytruda infusion overnight last week.  Blood tests done upon admission in pathology and my haemoglobin was up to 121!  This is amazing compared to a year ago when it was nudging on 70 and I needed 4 blood transfusions to stay alive at the time!  My haemoglobin has to be 100 for the Keytruda infusion to be administered (similar to chemotherapy) into a vein in my arm.

Admitted to the makeshift oncology ward with shared rooms while the 4th floor oncology ward was getting a makeover, I found myself in a room with a lovely lady who was aged about 40 with 4 children and a husband.  She had recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer - I was able to give her strength, hope and let her know that she is in good hands with her oncologist who is my oncologist and he has kept me alive with quality of life since 2003! (Yes for those of you who are new to my blog, I was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in 2003 and then in 2009 diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma).

After the infusion was done I escaped for an early dinner with Keith, then I had the lounge to myself in the ward until 10pm with an amazing view of the city of Melbourne in the background and fireworks at the Etihad stadium lighting up the sky at 9pm!  So how lucky was I to be able to sit back, read the paper, listen to light background music, have a cuppa and enjoy this view! 

Blood pressure taken at midnight and again at 5.30am on Thursday morning.  Showered and ready for my oncologist to do his rounds at 7.15am then discharged by 8am!  A lovely stroll through the Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens stopping at the beautiful Old Post Office to have a light breakfast before walking to the train station and getting the coach home as trains were not being used on that line at the time.

Discharged from hospital at 8am, walked through the beautiful Fitzroy/Treasury gardens into Melbourne city. Enjoying a croissant and green tea under the arches of old post office. Reminding me of beautiful Nice, France!

Saturday and Sunday were my days of having nana naps thanks to Keytruda infusion.  My body tells me when to have a rest in between carrying on in life with quality and enjoying every day of being able to do just about everything that a normal person can do with NO PAIN management!  I am free of pain and dread taking the basic Panadol and Emend (anti nausea) medication prior to when Keytruda is given as I haven't taken any medication for months now!

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