Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Keytruda continuing to kick goals with Lou's Mesothelioma!

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Well our weather has turned very cold, windy and tempting rain drops!  I guess winter is here!!  Next Wednesday 1 June 2016 our winter season officially commences for 3 months, then we can look forward to beautiful Spring weather from 1 September!

Last Friday was a marathon day at Epworth hospital, Richmond, Melbourne for CT scans on neck, chest, pelvis and abdomen. A cannula was inserted into the arm and contrasting dye injected during the scans.
A computed tomography (CT) scan is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create pictures of cross-sections of the body.

Yesterday a visit to John Fawkner Hospital, Melbourne for bloods to be taken at pathology, consultation with my oncologist Allan Zimet then chemo with Day Chemo if bloods were okay.
Bloods were fine, so chemo was given the go ahead!

Results of scans showed STABLE, no change really since my last scans in March 2016.  Keytruda is still in my system and working to keep tumours stable along with the 4 chemotherapy infusions of Vinorelbine/Carboplatin minus steroid Dexamethasone and the drug Maxolon!

My health has returned to excellent quality of life, and still NO PAIN since commencing Keytruda in April 2015!  So I am on maintenance chemotherapy of Vinorelbine/Carboplatin with the hope of shrinkage rather than stable of tumours.  There is the mention of Keytruda to have further top up infusions however due to us having to pay $5,000 per treatment it would mean stretching our credit card once more to cover this cost.  However as it is life saving treatment then we would not hesitate to have further Keytruda treatments when the time comes.

Travelling on the Calder Freeway to Melbourne just after 8am this accident had just happened on the other side of road and all traffic was at a standstill.  The road remained closed until 5am this morning, so nearly 24 hours of alternative roads.


One person is killed and five others are injured after an out-of-control petrol tanker rolls over on the Calder Freeway leaving a trail of crushed and damaged cars.


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