Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oncology results 24 April 2013

This week has gone very quickly.  Our elderly neighbours (he a retired pilot & she a retired flight attendant) returned home 4 yrs ago after travelling/working overseas and decided to sell their home.  It was on the market for just over 2 years and finally sold with a substantial loss recently.  They are down sizing and moving to an historic little town called Castlemaine where there is a small hospital, shops within easy walking distance and a local pub for counter meals!  Historic Castlemaine, a bustling town renowned for its eclectic arts scene, rich gold rush history, and growing reputation as a fine food destination.

Both Keith and myself gave them a hand to move.  Keith assisted with putting rubbish, old furniture and contents of 2 outside sheds in the rubbish skip.  I sorted and packed boxes, then cleaned the large home for a few hours a day for 5 days.  These neighbours have looked after our home, watered our garden and most importantly taken care of Lana (my previous siamese cat who died in Jan 2012) and our current siamese cat Charles (Charlie).  It is nice to be able to have helped them out this week in return.

Anzac day we visited Woodend (20 mins from here) a beautiful village atmosphere where we watched the Anzac parade then met my brother, sister in law and nephew for coffee/tea and chat at The Chamber cafe (formally council chambers) - a beautiful building that now is home to the cafe and art gallery exhibitions.  Our friend Phil Holgate runs this business and according to Keith - makes a great coffee!

Keith had a visit on Tuesday in Melbourne to see his urologist for a 3 monthly follow up after his robotic prostate cancer operation in January 2013.  All on track and his psa reading was 'undetectable'.  He had bad vibes about this follow up visit and thought for sure he was going to get negative results!  He was relieved and so was I!  He can breathe again!

Now ... my visit on Weds to see my oncologist Allan Zimet and see what the medical round the table team at the Austin Hospital had to say ... .  Basically the jury is out ... they cannot decide/agree what to do - operate/chemo ..  Malcolm Feigen was there and put his hand up ... for me to come and see him in May for an appointment and discuss radical radiation treatment to the diaphragm area for starters.    As Allan said 'quality not quantity and cancer still growing ...'.  I am happy for the moment and most importantly IN CONTROL!  At the moment my pain is on hold and breathing ... I am working through this atm! 

Tomorrow evening 7.30pm we sail across Bass Strait (Bass Strait is a sea strait separating Tasmania from the south of the Australian mainland, specifically the state of Victoria) to Tasmania.  We are taking our car and leaving Charlie at home to be minded by family and good neighbours/friends.

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