Monday, November 11, 2013

My secret for surviving with mesothelioma!

Frequently I get asked what is my secret to living 'longer' with mesothelioma and keeping 'healthy'.

The day that I was finally diagnosed with mesothelioma and it reared its ugly head, meso put life into perspective for me.  I know I will never see my 'old' age however at the moment I am heading towards that being in my 'middle' age and living well!

I believe 'living with mesothelioma' is the key to survival whether it is for a few months or a few years.  It is like living with a sore foot - acceptance of having asbestos cancer and ultimately 'living with it'.  Also 'living in the moment' and dealing with whatever happens in this moment, whether faced with treatment, scaniexty (waiting for results), pottering with every day life - enjoying family and friends, holidays .... .  No use worrying about what the long term future will be - no one knows that, so let the big picture take care of its self (let the universe take care of that for you)!

Follow your dreams, plan something nice whether a holiday, overnight stay somewhere, visiting friends/family, a movie ... an outing to a cafe, visit to a park ... it is looking forward to something.

This weekend a young couple in America, Damon and Keshia got married - he is 18 yrs old and living with mesothelioma - they are following their dream and wanting to be together.   Congrats to this beautiful couple.  

Then when that happens look forward to another 'plan'. Life is full of plans ... I know it is hard to see the big picture of life when living with mesothelioma sometimes xx

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