Sunday, April 27, 2014

My autumn weekend in the Macedon Ranges 26 and 27 April 2014 and scanxiety!

Saturday was very overcast, cold and wet during the day so we stayed inside our home and kept warm.   At 3pm we braved the cold and head up to Mt Macedon for an exhibition by the wonderful metal sculpture artist Russell Petherbridge held at Mt Macedon Nursery.  I am so glad that we made the effort to go - it was wonderful!   A beautiful French garden nursery setting - it was the perfect place for Russell's works to be shown amongst the garden.

Hay bales to sit on by the iron braziers to keep us warm, local wines served with cocktail nibblies and listening to a wonderful jazz band - Nicholas on the base and violin with the most wonderful jazz singer who had just returned from a few years in New York - her voice was gutsy and so easy to listen to - similar to Renee Geyer's voice.

A dinner invitation up the Mount with friends and home at 11pm to a crying Charlie wanting his dinner!  All in all a fabulous afternoon that turned into a wonderful evening with friends.

Today a visit to Honour Avenue, Macedon for a look at the beautiful pin oaks with their Autumn leaves and a pitstop at one of the local cafes before discovering a secret garden Nursery at 31 Margaret St, Macedon that is only open on the weekends.  Well worth a visit - there is a small sign outside saying garage sale.  Step inside and view the beautiful secret garden!
Honour Avenue, Macedon (Photo: Ange Cordell)
Home and while the sun was shining we did some gardening - moving wheelbarrows of fallen bark and tree branches ready to burn any day now.   Charlie was happy to sit on the veranda and watch us work!

In Georgia USA Michael Bradley's 5k fundraiser was held in his honour - a very emotional and hard time for his family and many friends and warriors who attended including Linda Reinstein who flew in the night before and bravely read out her speech.  Michael even though you did not make it in person you were there smiling down at everyone I am sure.  (Michael lost his life to deadly mesothelioma - asbestos cancer at the age of 29 years) just a few days ago.

Gail goes into hospital for painful surgery on her shoulder in a couple of days.   Her soulmate Steve lost his fight with mesothelioma a few months ago - he should be with Gail and helping to get her through this surgery, instead she has to valiantly do this on her own.   So many other soulmates and families have had their lives torn apart thanks to no fault of their own - we can blame asbestos and greed for this!   No one should be diagnosed with deadly asbestos related diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.   It was known by governments and companies in the very early 1900s of the deadly dangers of asbestos and yet through greed it was continually used and eventually banned totally in Australia in 2003.  Unfortunately this is not the case around the world including America where it still is not banned. 

A global ban on asbestos will eventually halt mining and manufacturing stopping innocent workers and their families from being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres. Management of removal and disposal is vital as is removal and disposal becoming heavily subsidised otherwise we will continue to get these dodgy operators, illegal dumping and home renovators removing asbestos from their homes. Education, awareness and research is very vital and ongoing. In Unity this will happen!

On another note - I have a major CT scan tomorrow peritoneal and pleural area, my last one was 6 months ago.  Luckily I won't have to wait long until results - I will see my oncologist Allan Zimet on Weds 30th April!  Funny how scanxiety starts to creep in - when we have these scans - I have been keeping myself busy today and now thinking about the fluid intake that I need prior to this scan all of a sudden it becomes reality - it is always the deciding factor in living with mesothelioma having a scan and our life is in the hands of our oncologist to decide if there is stability, shrinkage or if the tumours/fluid are growing.  If we receive the news from our oncologist that there is tumour/fluid growth immediately our minds go into overdrive:
Is this it?  Have I run out of options for further palliative treatment?
Am I going to die?  

I have been lucky and am in my 11th year since treatment!  Lucky!!!  I have had my share of surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and have come so close to dying and yet I am still here!  Why I ask myself when others have not been so 'lucky' - I just know that I live in the moment and let the universe take care of itself, I have become a Voice in the asbestos world and stand up for those warriors who have lost their lives to deadly asbestos (including my dad), for those who are living with an asbestos related disease and for those who are yet to be diagnosed.  Also for the many carers and families - we are in Unity fighting for an asbestos free world and one day this will happen!  Change is possible.

Please sign this petition and ask other colleagues, friends and family to do so. A National Mesothelioma day on Sept 26 would help to create a worldwide ban on asbestos by making everyone aware of the deadly dangers of asbestos. There is no safe asbestos - asbestos kills.

(Please copy and paste this website below)

Thursday (Sept 26th) is National Mesothelioma Awareness Day. We take time to humbly remember those we lost and to continue the fight against this horrible disease in UK and USA!  Australia does not have a National Mesothelioma Awareness Day - we need to be part of this global day!  This is our chance to create awareness, advocacy and educate innocent people on the dangers of deadly asbestos fibres.  The more knowledge and awareness we have, the less likely your children and their children of the future will die from deadly mesothelioma asbestos cancer.

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