Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling relaxed in between chemotherapy

Still relaxing in beautiful Tasmania, Australia and feeling very relaxed.   It is now 2 weeks since leaving the mainland via car overnight ferry for Tasmania - a week into my chemotherapy regime.   Yesterday was 3 weeks since my last dose of chemotherapy drugs and the date I was supposed to have another dose, however I have delayed it for another 2 weeks as I believe being here is very much like a retreat and enhances both my health and wellbeing.   I have for 2 weeks had a very bad back blade bone pain that has been worse at night, however it is now appearing to ease giving me a few solid hours of sleep rather than an hour or two.

The days have been just beautiful - warmish and very sunny encouraging lovely walks along the beach.   Greens Beach is so peaceful, calm seas and the sand is very still.   You can walk out to sea for a long way before even getting your feet covered with water - it is a perfect beach for kids!   Kids are here in the summer and school holidays, other times there are just oldies like us who like to wander along the beach on their own, as a couple or with their dog.  We are here in the quiet season and it is rare to see more than about 3 to 4 persons on the beach at one time.   Our beach walk starts at the lovely coloured boat sheds and we walk 1.5 kms to the point near Kelso where the sea and river meet.   Across from Greens Beach is Lowhead and the lighthouse that is very visible from the beach and our shack.

I love lying upstairs on the bed late afternoon listening to the sound of the waves, looking out to sea and across to the lighthouse and occasionally seeing a fishing boat, container ship or sailing ship in the distance.  Very calming and peaceful.

Today we drove down to Grindelweld, the beautiful Swiss Village where we had morning coffee/green tea at an outdoor cafe then walked around Lake Louise.   Shopping for supplies at nearby Legana shopping centre before coming home.   We went for a beach walk while the sun was shining.

The 2013 Australian Mesothelioma Registry report has just been released.  The report is evolving and becoming more comprehensive. The statistics are not great however with research advancement these will improve with time.

When we decided to take time out from this chemo regime and come over here for a few weeks I was not well at all and my oncologist said to me 'quality and life enhancing is important over quantity'.   I do totally agree, however I know for me, getting away from the day to day grind of endless medical appointments, chemotherapy that consumes every waking minute helps me to focus again on me and get my immune system stronger to cope with what meso throws at me.

For all those warriors around the world who are doing it tough - my heart goes out to you.   I am sending you love, hope and strength.

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