Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chemo yesterday, Utube presentation ADAO and on Managing C'tee World Asbestos Congress 2015 Pakistan.

The results of my recent scan were a bit confusing when the report came back.  After seeing my oncologist yesterday for further chemotherapy we had a look at the scans and reports of both last week and the previous one in April.  Basically not a lot of change in the pleura of both lungs, in other words I have pleural meso big time however not much change from April's scan that the radiologist felt he needed to write down on the report.  There is quite a bit of thickening that is of concern.
Interview with Lou Williams, Mesothelioma Patient and 2014 ADAO Alan Reinstein Honoree

The ADAO August eNewsletter is HOT off the press! Lots of news about the XX World Congress, community share your stories, Mesothelioma Awareness Day Concert “Jammin for Awareness”, Iatp Asbestos Skydive event, Video Interview with Lou Williams, and more. Others mentioned in the August eNewsletter are: Jordan Zevon Jim Te Water Naude Yvonne Waterman Jill Vaughn Lisa Rahe Thompson XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 - Global Forum for Prevention Heather Nash Yvonne Handshoe Hall Carrie McNamara Alessandro Pugno Sandra Neuenschwander Asbestos Hunter Jennifer Miller Syed Mezab Ahmed Special thanks to Herman Hamilton for all of his great help with the eNewsletter.

(A great team effort thanks to Linda Reinstein, Herman Hamilton and their team of helpers who put together this wonderful monthly newsletter for ADAO). 

Another great honour for me
is to be included in the Managing Committee for World Asbestos Congress 2015 in Pakistan as Mrs Lou Williams, Social Activist, Press Secretary Australia
More then 100 Countries Participation
More then 100 Countries Participation

I had my chemotherapy yesterday in Melbourne, this time a trial without steroids, so far so good as other times no way could I be typing on the computer like I am this morning!   I did have 6 hrs sleep and woke up with a tightness in my chest, so took my meds and got up - actually made some revolting porridge/oats to eat.  Yes I am not a fan however I know they will help to settle my tummy in regards to nausea and the anti nausea meds that are starting to kick in.

We have lost some beautiful mesothelioma warriors this week and some quite sudden.  With mesothelioma it can be like a waterfall, one minute we are drifting along just nicely to the waterfall's edge then bang we are going over it very fast with no control.

To those mesothelioma warriors who are doing it tough with treatment at the moment my heart goes out to you - hang in there there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Those who are waiting for results - I am holding your hand for good results!


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