Thursday, December 17, 2015

Busy Christmas festivities and Keytruda No. 13 overnight in hospital

On a whim we flew to Tasmania for a few days recently and visited our favourite places Greens Beach and Launceston.  Caught up with friends for Christmas get-togethers including a mini Christmas dinner party with a santa theme - yes Santa did visit and read out a Christmas quiz followed by presents for naughty & nice friends!
Xmas pudding!
Main meal!
We visited beautiful Cataract Gorge in Launceston - a nice walk of 1.5 kms along the gorge, a outdoor cafe visit while enjoying the beautiful view of the gorge, rotunda and hydrangeas in flower plus plenty of peacocks including a mother with her little chicks.

Moment in time! Mother peacock and her babies

Cataract Gorge rotunda and cafe

Entrance to Cataract Gorge

Beautiful Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania and peacocks.
I then walked for over 3 hours around town and through the beautiful City Park, stopping a few times to just rest and enjoy my surroundings.  That night we flew home and arrived about 11pm.

Next day (Wednesday) I caught the trains into Melbourne city and was admitted to hospital overnight for no. 13 Keytruda.  Blood tests at pathology first, then check in to the ward.  As my room wasn't ready I went for a walk and tram ride to visit my daughter and little grandkids for a few hours returning at 4pm for my infusion of Keytruda.   An old friend visited and we went out to dinner returning to the hospital room at 9pm!  As I am feeling so well atm I hate being in the hospital ward for any longer than I have to do so, also it is impossible to get much sleep during the night so when my oncologist did his rounds at 6.50am I was discharged at 7.30am and walked through the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens enjoying the birds chirping and our beautiful warm weather that was perfect for walking into the city.  I walked around the city until 11am when I met my SIL at the Westin Hotel for a Christmas high tea and long chat!

Home on the train and I finally was exhausted about 10pm and went to bed for a few hours rest!  Woken up by Charlie (our siamese cat) at 6am for his breakfast and telling me it is time to get up and glad that I did - a beautiful warm and sunny morning ... mind you the next few days are forecast to be at least 40 degrees celcius!  High fire danger and windy conditions.

I am doing lots of walking and enjoying being able to do this without exhaustion.  Catching up with family and friends for Christmas festivities I absolutely love and am enjoying!  I don't want Christmas to end!!

To all enjoy your Christmas/New year festivities and party like there is no tomorrow!  It is the now we all have and living in the moment.

To all the warriors who are not doing so well - my heart goes out to you and know that I am holding your hand.

My petition is still ongoing until I have the meeting with our health minister Hon Sussan Ley. and search for Keytruda PBS Lou Williams

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