Friday, December 11, 2015

Lou's Petition update Keytruda on PBS for Mesothelioma

I currently have a petition to fast track Keytruda on to the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in Australia) for Mesothelioma cancer and 29 other RLC (rare and lesser known cancers).

To take a look at my petition and sign/comment/share
Search 'Keytruda PBS Mesothelioma' and my petition will appear.

Below is my update tonight on the petition.  I regularly update the petition to keep my supporters in the loop of what is happening.  My aim is to have a meeting with our Health Minister, Honourable Sussan Ley.

Petition update

Lou's blog, my progress on Keytruda and Infusion No. 13 scheduled Weds 16 Dec 2015

Lou (Louise) Williams
11 Dec 2015 — Hi, my blog Living with Mesothelioma in Australia link is below, if you would like to follow please click on the link and insert your email address on right side of page. You will then receive regular blog updates.
If you would like to contact me, my email address is
I am booked into hospital next Wednesday 16 December for my 13th infusion of Keytruda. (Keytruda is intravenously given into the arm with similar procedure as to how chemotherapy is infused). I have Keytruda every 3 weeks.
I am feeling so well, in fact the best that I have felt for a couple of years! 
Tuesday - on the train to Melbourne for an asbestos related meeting, met up with 2 mesowarriors and then enjoyed time with my daughter and beautiful grandkids. The next day, I used the wheelbarrow to shovel mulch onto our garden for 2 hours! Afterwards no exhaustion or tight chest! Later that day I carried 10 buckets of recycled water from our washing machine on to the garden as it is so dry and in drought stage so early in our Summer season. Again no exhaustion or tight chest!
Yesterday on a plane to Tasmania for a few days to recharge my immune system, catch up with friends and walk along the quiet beach! Tomorrow night we are hosting a mini Christmas dinner party with friends, this time last year there was no way that I could do any of this! 
Thank you Keytruda and to my oncologist, Dr Allan Zimet - you both have given me back my life with QUALITY OF LIFE!

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