Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My mesothelioma is having a respite holiday in Tassie!

We have been here for 3 weeks now and I am feeling very relaxed and so it my meso.  Beautiful walks along the beach, lots of reading and pottering in the garden ... .  Drives in the beautiful countryside to Launceston (Cataract gorge walking) and Hobart (Mona art gallery) plus catching up with friends etc.  Visiting our favourite cafes ... with views of the Tamar river.

Go back to the bad pain I was experiencing prior to my trip with Bernie Banton Foundation to Washington for the ADAO annual asbestos conference when it was a case of quality over quantity of life and trying to get a balance of this through my mind (mental and meditation) and medication.  I was so glad that I went to America, at the time I felt if it was the last thing that I ever did then I had achieved so much by just being there and hopefully helping put Australia on the map with Bernie Banton Foundation as to what we are achieving here with awareness, support, research and advocacy.  I cannot thank BBF for giving me this opportunity.

Today we lost another beautiful warrior in the UK - my heart goes out to his family.  May he be at peace surrounded by beautiful love.

So many living with an ARD (asbestos related disease) are not travelling well at the moment - my heart goes out to them.  We cocoon them with love, strength and hope. 

Today we drove to Launceston, walked around Cataract Gorge, had a drink there in the sun and watched the peacocks and their beautiful feathers.

I am off to bed - tomorrow breakfast at Beauty Point overlooking the Tamar River.