Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Keytruda - Mesothelioma Australia wonder drug!

Hi all, the last time I put an entry into  my blog was a few weeks ago - so much has happened since then. - all good!

In between doses 7 and 8 we went to Tasmania for a few days of retreat/relaxation, touring and reconnecting with good friends.  A wonderful weekend was spent in the little cove of Coles Bay adjacent to Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay and the amazing Hazzard mountain ranges.  We visited the seafood farm and dined that night on scallops, oysters and prawns washed down with a glass of Tassie wines.  Exploring Freycinet National Park and the various bays including Honeymoon Bay (shaped like a wine glass) was spectacular once we reached our destinations on foot and could appreciate the water views from every angle including the lighthouse walk.

While in Tasmania we both forget about our 'cancers' and just enjoy the moment and spending time with our friends.  Once back to the mainland it is back to reality and endless medical appointments - all part of life atm.  We went to Tassie (Tasmania) and return by the newly fitted out ferry Spirit of Tasmania overnight - great ship and very smooth crossings.

We came back for no. 8 dose 3 September with me feeling wonderfully fit apart from a bit of fluid buildup in the tummy area.  A scan on 1 September showed again shrinkage of fluid and tumours (when you compare the overall scans from when I started on Keytruda there is very much significant shrinkage).  A few days after no. 8 Keytruda feeling fighting fit - I started to get busy in our garden and dragging tree branches, picking up branches/twigs, pruning etc, then I started to get a nagging bone pain in the left hand hip area shooting into the back area of a radius of about 4 inches.  I find it can come on at night lying down in bed or occassionally during the day.  Fluid continues to be a slight problem in the tummy area HOWEVER nothing major.  Bone pain can be a side effect of Keytruda and this appears to be what is happening at the moment, so Panadol osteo capsules and when needed morphine 10 or 20 mg capsules.  It does not stop me from doing anything - I have quality of life back being on Keytruda, appetite still there, no oxygen needed, weight on increase, bloods all good and no blood transfusions for weeks now.  Walking heaps and back enjoying life with family and friends plus walking everywhere, up until a few weeks ago all of this would not have been possible as my body was literally shutting down, on oxygen, weight depleted, bloods not making red cells, extremely weak and it was only a matter of a few days until I was at death's door SO thank you Keytruda.  I am on Keytruda for life (every 3 weeks overnight in hospital for the infusion similar to chemotherapy).  I call it immunotherapy as it stimulates your immune system to fight the nasty tumour cells.

Keith was diagnosed 3 years ago with prostate cancer, he had the major robotic surgery to remove the prostate gland and was fine after that.  He needed to have PSA blood tests every few weeks.  In the last few months it has gradually been going up, which indicates that there is still minute nasty tumour cells in the prostate area.  So Keith commenced radiation in Melbourne yesterday.  A total of 37 treatments Monday to Friday with the weekends off!  He will finish a few days before the Asbestos Awareness International Conference run by (ASEA Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency) in Brisbane, Queensland 22 to 24 November.  We are attending and looking forward to it very much.  A great informative conference last year with fabulous speakers and so much Networking information.  I am speaking this year on Keytruda.

Our motto in life is to live in the moment and deal with what presents at the time.  The universe will take care of the big picture - no use worrying about it!

We have lost some beautiful warriors to mesothelioma and continue to do so.  Their lives have been taken early thanks to deadly asbestos greed! We must unite together to eradicate asbestos, keep raising awareness and education. 

My petition to get Keytruda in Australia fast tracked on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) is making progress.  I am in confidential talks atm so cannot disclose much however all are working behind the scenes.  A huge thank you to all who have signed and shared the petition.  Please keep doing so.  This is the link to copy and paste below.

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