Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chemo postponed today due to very low bloods!

This morning a race in traffic to Melbourne for 9.45am appointment at day chemo ward (John Fawkner Hospital) for my PICC clean and dressing/blood taken and across to see Allan Zimet my oncologist for results of the blood test and okay for chemotherapy at 10.45am.  Keith took my bloods up to pathology and waited a good half hour for the slip of paper with results.  

We waited over an hour for our appointment to see Allan as he had so many patients to see.   We knew by the results of the bloods that chemo would not be happening as all very low.   Lyall who has peritoneal meso, a long term survivor and good friend was due to come and see me while having chemo.  I rang him and instead chatted over the phone.   Another guy who has pleural meso was due to have chemo later in the day and I had hoped to meet him.  However due to no chemo I left my business card with him and we will make contact thru that.  Another guy with mesothelioma of the eye area had chemo yesterday and in 2 weeks we will make contact when I am scheduled for a dose of gemzar and carboplatin on 22 Oct.

In the meantime this gives me 2 weeks off and to get my immune system stronger to tolerate the next lot of chemo!  Keith was a bit upset that the chemo did not go ahead - as he explained to me ... every one that I do not have - is that making my chances of 'survival' less.  I said 'no way - my body is tolerating a heavy dose of gemzar/carbo (previously gemzar/cisplatin) in one hit and doing its job ... then letting my immune system get stronger by not having the next dose the following week'  I am happy with this reasoning and believe it is what is best for my body this time round!

Chemo 22 October to be had, then a wedding to attend on Saturday 26 October.  My brother Chris is marrying his beautiful soulmate Cheryl.  So pleased I will be well and able to attend!  Now for an outfit - no idea what I will wear!  Still it will all come together by the big day!

This evening as it is daylight saving and much lighter here until 7pm ... we went for a walk, stopped into see our wonderful neighbours and fed a kookaburra on their verandah.  While we were there, our siamese cat Charlie came over the paddocks to visit us and stopped for a pat and cuddle with everyone.

He is now quite content on my lap and happy to sit there while I type away on the computer!

Tomorrow we are going to see the Formula 1 movie 'Rush' looking forward to seeing it and hopefully a cinema with no people in it due to the everyone being at work and kids at school!

To all warriors and carers around the world - sending you a beautiful rainbow of love strength and peace.

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