Monday, October 21, 2013

This week guests staying, chemo tomorrow ....

This week has flown!   A visit last Tuesday to the hospital for my Picc line to be dressed and bloods taken.   No chemo that week was scheduled and just as well - my bloods were still quite low from the week before.   Tomorrow picc line to be dressed, bloods taken, appt with my oncologist and the green light for chemo to go ahead gemcidibine and carboplatin.  

We have had friends staying for 5 nights from the Gold Coast, Queensland - it was great to be normal for a few days and concentrate on other things instead of chemotherapy/treatments.   I held a dinner party the first night as it was Margit's birthday.   Spinach and ricotta cannelloni followed by a pear/walnut upside down cake.   I was quite exhausted the next day however it was well worth the effort the day before for me.

Twice our friends made lovely meals for us and on Saturday we went out for lunch at the Mt Macedon Hotel - only recently reopened and refurbished.  It was a lovely sunny and warm afternoon sitting in the alcove looking outside at the beautiful 100 year old Oak tree.

A visit to Woodend yesterday and when we returned home got stuck into our garden - we are still burning off for the fire season that is fast approaching.  Unlike the Blue Mountains area in New South Wales where their season has started with extreme fires and heat, we are so far lucky to have had rain and coolness.  The warnings are there for a dry and hot summer .... .

My health - I feel really good and like I am bouncing back to good health once again!   Having the forced rest (due to my bloods being low) in between chemotherapy is giving my immune system a fighting chance to regain strength.

On this coming Saturday will be a big day for me - my brother Chris is marrying his beautiful partner Cheryl.   I am so pleased to be well enough to attend.  The last wedding I attended was last year - my beautiful friends Rod Smith and Karen Banton - what a wonderful wedding that was!  I have lovely memories of the magical day.

My heart goes out to those warriors and carers who are doing it tough at the moment. 

Steve and Gail Cook are on a fabulous cruise to Tasmania - a toast to both of you!

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