Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shhh! Feeling good so far on chemo!

Yesterday a windy journey to the hospital in Melbourne (about an hr away if a good run)  we left here about 7.20am and got there just before 8.30am for our appointment at Day Chemo.  The last few days we have had violent winds here and yesterday was no exception.  We have lost a huge tree between us and neighbours, lucky it has not taken out the fence - it is just hanging over it.  A few branches near the house however no real damage.  Today is a stillness day and birds singing, sun starting to come out - will be nice in the garden later on this afternoon.   I have spoken too soon lol!  The wind is picking up!

Day chemo changed my PICC line - flush and bloods were taken.  Keith took the bloods up to pathology to wait for results and then met me in the waiting room of my oncologist Allan Zimet.   Bloods were good apart from white blood cells down slightly.  I asked Allan about the results from my mesothelioma marker test (the one that costs us $150 out of pocket) and is the brainwave from Professor Bruce Mitchell in Western Australia.   It gives an indication of the mesothelium and true to form mine was up to 12.9 whereas the last test earlier this year was 4.9.

Back to day chemo to be hooked up, premeds into the cannula and bingo away we went.  I asked for Allan to order the relaxer tablet that works almost instantly under my tongue - it did help as I was able to drift off for a couple of minutes and wake up again, much to the annoyance lol of Keith and Lyall who were sitting there in conversation with me and bingo I was nodding off.  It is the only way for me to cope now when sitting there having chemo injected .... knowing I want to tear it off and get out of there into the fresh air!  Ah ... I have been thru too many over the years and it brings back memories .... ... The day chemo nursing staff understand and assist by getting me out of there as quickly as possible - to all of them I say a big thank you - you are wonderful in every way!

Many staff have been there for years and all know me as I do them then - it is a pleasure and makes it so much better when this is the case.  Better for them and better for the patient - long term contact especially when they see long term survivors that do make it .. even if we come back sometimes!

Gemcidibine first then carboplatin plus the hydrating fluids/flushing/pre meds .... steroids/anti nausea etc.  Gemcidinine 850ml/Carboplatin 300ml.

Out of there just on 2.30pm - we were happy and straight home!  I slept in the chair on and off watching TV with Charlie on my lap.  (Charlie is our siamese cat).  On the computer last for a few hrs then 6 hrs sleep ... and back on the computer.  My meds are kicking in .... hoping to have a good day!

We will head out later to pick up our mail up at Mt Macedon, go for a walk up the hill if the sun stays out then home to do a few things.

Have a good day where ever you are.

Below is my beautiful friend Julie Stafford latest book that she will be soon launching.  In the meantime for a month the seagull has his own facebook page that you are very welcome to join.   

I want to dedicate the wisdom of Seagull 18 to all those beautiful brave warriors who are today walking the difficult road of mesothelioma (asbestos cancer). To you, your partners and your families, and to all the doctors and nurses around the world walking the road beside you, together we all now why. "Trust is a force, like gravity is a force. It pulls us toward our destiny and pushes us away from the distractions that move us further away from walking the roads we were always meant to walk. Some of those roads will not be easy. Trust says there are reasons beyond our knowing. When it doesn't seem fair, or right, trust calls us to be patient. It asks us to dare. Sometimes, trust asks us to be brave."

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