Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christian Olsen and Michael Bradley - 2 young guys battling mesothelioma

Both Christian and Michael are brave mesothelioma warriors who both live in the USA.   Michael is 29 years of age and Christian has just celebrated his 34th birthday with his wife Lisa and their 2 small children.

Michael is at home after a few days in hospital to get his pain under control.   He is doing it tough at the moment - however he know has his own wheelchair and is getting out during the day to his favourite places with family and friends - there is no tying Michael to his bed!
(This link below is for Michael's facebook page)

Christian is due to start chemotherapy tomorrow morning cisplatin/alimta.   I have been speaking with him today and he has been asking relevant questions that I have been glad to answer.   He is a very brave warrior and with the love of his family and friends plus the support of all the warriors he will make it!   Below is Christian's facebook page and info.   So please take a moment to look at it and 'like'.

Christian Olsen VS. Mesothelioma


Cure Mesothelioma - Christian Olsen VS. Mesothelioma Facebook Page

Spreading awareness, and helping to raise funds for Christian's doctor bills.

On December 23rd, 2013, I received final confirmation that my worst fears had been realized. I, Christian H. Olsen Jr., 33 years old, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and fatal form of cancer in both my chest and abdomen regions - Mesothelioma. Nearly all of those affected with this extremely rare and fatal cancer have it in their chest OR abdomen, not both. I have no idea where... I was exposed to asbestos (as this is the only known cause for Mesothelioma) or perhaps it was caused by some unknown source. Most are able to pinpoint direct exposure.

My hope and ultimate goal is to stick around this earth long enough for a cure to be found.

With that said, potentially curative surgery is the only thing on my mind with a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter at home, kids that I would like to see grow up. The surgery is extremely invasive and complicated. I plan to undergo two major procedures followed by a harsh chemotherapy regimen. The surgery, recovery and all needed support is extremely expensive and I am without adequate insurance coverage for out of state treatment caused by my inability to hold a full time job due to my poor medical condition.    PLEASE help spread the word! If you are still reading, I hope you will consider supporting me even if you are not in a position to donate.
Christian Olsen & Family

How were they exposed?   It is a mystery!   Just maybe they or others their age were exposed by:

As a baby or a young toddler playing on carpet or lino with asbestos underfelt, maybe in the womb of their mothers - who knows - no one knows - it has not been fully proven for others diagnosed with an asbestos related disease such as deadly mesothelioma.   I do know of a case where perhaps as a baby in the womb they were exposed due to the mother inhaling invisible asbestos fibres a few years before falling pregnant.

As with current do it yourself renovation projects - people to save money will do the job themselves and that could include coming into contact with asbestos - perhaps used as an insulator wrapped around pipes, in asbestos fibre sheeting when they demolish a wall, strip back wallpaper - asbestos in the glue, take up old carpet underlay where asbestos was used in .... the list goes on and on where deadly asbestos has been used in the home.

Home renovators will continue to be exposed and so too will their family and friends until asbestos assessment is free, asbestos removal is heavily subsidised and disposal free and must only then be removed and disposed of by fully qualified and licensed asbestos authorised removalists.

So many home renovators at the moment think ''ah just a little bit of asbestos - what is everyone talking about - it cannot harm you that much!"   So they put a 'mask' etc on and do the job themselves, little do they know that invisible fibres are escaping and they are possibly inhaling them, they shake their hair when the kids cuddle them and invisible fibres could be being digested by their kids/wife ... !

There is no safe asbestos- asbestos kills!   We need to be diligent when it comes to asbestos.  

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