Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fires, floods, winds and snow - 4 seasons in 1

By being connected through social media we find out and éxperience' where others live around the world without actually leaving home!   That is what makes social media so fascinating - the fact that we can keep in touch thanks to modern technology, being connected to the internet and even seeing/sharing immediate pictures of our lives and day to day experiences.  Fires have been near here the last few days, floods and strong winds in UK and heavy snow falls in USA and Canada.

Valentine's day yesterday was interesting as to how it is celebrated globally.  What is extra special is seeing not just it being celebrated with couples in love, but also families counting their blessings having the love of children, friends and other 'friends' they have met through social media.   We reach out and our lives are enriched by doing this.   Without this we could become caught in day to day living and never experience the world as a united one!  Connecting in this way is so important!

On my Asbestos in the News group page today someone posted that even though their family is touched by mesothelioma it is a 'taboo' subject that is not discussed.   By having social media 'friends' we are able to connect, share and at times ease the family's distress that comes with a diagnosis of mesothelioma by giving them space and the freedom to decide when they want to talk about mesothelioma and anything to do with the word asbestos!

We are busy packing for tomorrow as we are catching the last of the daylight sailings to Tasmania.  We were there last June and had booked to return last September, however due to me having chemotherapy from August to November it was postponed until tomorrow.   The ferry sails at 9am, however boarding commences at 6am so an early start from here - 5.30am!   With packing almost done, the car is loaded and ready to head off in the morning.

Our place is being looked after by family and our good neighbours next door, Charlie will be well looked after and fed/cuddled while we are away!  Our plants watered on the patio and hopefully the fires will not come near here!

To all the warriors doing it tough at the moment my heart goes out to you.   Remember you are not on your own!   There is always someone on facebook 24 hours a day!

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