Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fires, lazy weekend and brave warrior widows
Victorians are bracing for some of the worst fire conditions in five years with dozens fleeing their homes and others warned about out-of-control blazes that may flare up during the night.
Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley warns that everyone should keep their mobile phones close to them while they sleep in case emergency warnings are sent out.
Several extended heatwaves, followed by the current high temperatures, have pushed the state's fire danger rating to extreme in six districts, he said.
Temperatures are also forecast to remain above 30 degrees overnight, meaning firefighters won't see a lull in fire activity before temperatures rise again on Sunday morning.
"Anywhere in Victoria, fires will run and they will run hard," Mr Lapsley told reporters at the state control centre.
"They will be furious. They will be fast. They will be out of control and people need to be very aware of that."
He said the hot weather is then going to be further bolstered by a strong and gusty Sunday afternoon wind change.
"If there are fires, they have the potential to run during the night, and that's something that isn't necessarily familiar to most Victorians."
Fires burning in remote bushland in far East Gippsland have also sparked an evacuation warning, with many of the 60 residents of Goongerah and Martins Creek deciding to listen to the advice and leave early.
Fire authorities warned that Goongerah will likely be hit by fire within 24 hours and emergency services crews may not be able to help residents who remain in their homes.
Several fires near the Snowy River National Park have also triggered an emergency warning for the communities of Buchan, Buchan South and Sunny Point.
"Spot fires and ember attacks may impact the Buchan area from dawn Sunday," the Country Fire Authority (CFA) said in a statement.
Four other fires prompted watch and act alerts on Saturday night, including one for residents of Hernes Oak, near Moe.
Officials said a possible overnight thunderstorm, followed by the forecast wind change, could push the fire further into the area.
Fire danger ratings on Sunday are rated as extreme, one level below code red-catastrophic, in the following districts: Central, North Central, Northern Country, North East, West and South Gippsland and East Gippsland.
The rest of the state is listed as a very high or severe fire danger rating.

We are in Central Victoria about an north of Melbourne.   One road in and one road out, it is very very dry here and if someone were to light a match just for the hell of it - we would be in trouble.   On high extreme days like tomorrow's forecast we will leave in the morning and return when safe to do so.

Yesterday was 5 years since our horrible Black Saturday fires where so many people lost their lives mainly staying to defend their homes or being inside and not realising the fireball was upon them so quickly.    5 years ago Keith and his son Elton (my stepson) stood watch on the hour during the night in case we needed to evacuate.   We were lucky the fires did not come out way - the winds changed and went to Kinglake area however where the damage happened.  We had bad fires in 1983 when most of the mountain and surrounds of Mt Macedon were wiped out.   We have a fire plan in place, we will ring on the phone chain our neighbours and they in turn will ring their neighbours, we continually watch the CFA (Country Fire Association)'s website for updates on fire activities in our area and surrounds, and leave early in the morning if we need to, rather than a wait and see attitude.

This morning we woke to the news that Keith's daughter Renee (my step daughter) who lives interstate had given birth to a very healthy and beautiful little baby boy - Ryder, a brother for Hunter.   So now we have another grandchild.   My eldest daughter Jo gave birth in August to a beautiful little boy, Oliver.    We now have (me - 5 grandkids), (Keith - 8 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids) who we love dearly.  Ages ranging from a few hours old to late 20s!  

Today we went out as the weather was warming up and the wind was starting to stir slightly, took a drive up to Mt Macedon and on to the lovely village of Woodend, then called into see Keith's daughter (my step daughter) who had just returned from their 25th wedding anniversary first ever European trip - they absolutely loved their holiday and we were able to see their wonderful photos on Karin's ipad.   I want one lol!

It is so so dry here, a few months ago we have beautiful green grass and my garden was so pretty with all the flowers - today it is almost bare dirt, the grass is so dry and yellow, my garden is dying and the kookaburras and other birds are just so hungry and coming around for water and feed each evening.  (I am trying to load a picture of the kookas feeding however it won't load from my phone to here, so will try again tomorrow).

Charlie our Siamese cat is feeling the heat - he wanders from room to room and then outside to where ever he can find a cool spot.   He has just taken himself off to bed as it is now 12.37am!   Keith is watching the movie Braveheart on TV and I can hear him snoring while watching the movie lol!

On another note with some who are having treatment for mesothelioma it seems as though our options at times run out and the good doctors/specialists have no further answers for treatment other than to say 'leave it for a while, or maybe they will suggest some further chemo/radiation/trials''.   It is all a hit and miss for mesothelioma, though mostly a big hit until it really stumps the medical field when they cannot follow the run of the mill treatments.   Thanks to us warriors who keep them on their toes and seem to be their guinea pigs with regards to further treatments and living longer than anticipated we are the driving force for them to do further research into asbestos related diseases (ARD), thus creating a pathway for the future generations of those diagnosed with an (ARD).

To the brave warrior widows/widowers who are left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives without their loved ones - I take my hat off to you for continuing to 'live and get on with your life even though it is so hard without your soulmate by your side, knowing through no fault of their own their life was cut short thanks to asbestos greed'!

I will try to post the kookas picture later today.

I am off to bed now - good night! 

Thinking of all the brave warriors around the world who are doing it tough at the moment, especially our beautiful Michael Bradley who is only 28 years old.

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