Monday, June 16, 2014

2 weeks since last chemo and feeling good!

I have turned the corner and feel normal again!   I am back doing what I enjoy in life and have energy combined with stamina .... well for a couple of hours at a time anyway!!

It has taken 2 weeks since my last chemotherapy to actually feel any energy and where breathing is less restricted/shallow.

Congrats to Steve and Linda Wride in UK - today Steve celebrates 5 years since he was diagnosed - no doubt a very special celebration dinner is planned!

Mavis Nye another beautiful and brave Mesothelioma warrior in the UK has started on a new trial today.   Sending positive vibes to Mavis and others who are undertaking this trial now or very shortly.

Rohan who has just had extensive Mesothelioma surgery in Sydney, NSW is coming out of hospital today - he has a long road to recovery however with the help of his beautiful wife Barbara he will make it.

Chris Olsen in USA has just had the same surgery.  Chris is in his late 30s and is now at home with his lovely wife Lisa and family.

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