Sunday, June 1, 2014

Busy Sydney, Australia flying visit to attend Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency Workshop

Last Tuesday 27 May 2014 I flew to Sydney for the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Workshop/Summit to work out strategies to save the Agency.  Currently the Abbott Government is looking at closing the Agency due to drastic cost cutting measures that they have had to resort to in their short term of governing.   To close this Agency would be a disaster on the Asbestos front in Australia.

I landed just after 5pm, took the very fast airport train into the city and then the light rail to the Star Casino stop where my lovely cousin, Heather was waiting for me.   A 2 minute walk to her place, quick dinner then we walked down to Darling Harbour and watched the beautiful Vivid Sound and Light Show on the water.   I have seen many of these beautiful Light shows around the world and this one is definately high on the list to see!   Simply spectacular!
This is the Vivid show on Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW.

Next morning I set off on foot, walking across the beautiful Pyrmont Bridge past Chinatown to the Trades Hall building where I left my bag and walked back into the city to the beautiful QVC (Queen Victoria) Building where I visited a lovely cafe upstairs and had a croissant and green tea.  Back to the Trades Hall building for the Asbestos Safety & Eradication where I spotted Margot Hoyte grabbing a coffee before the meeting so we were able to have a chat prior to the meeting.  Margot (ACTU) has just taken up a position in Brisbane, Queensland - I wish her all the best, she is returning home after many years away.  Margot has been a great asset to the ACTU in Melbourne.  The meeting was very successful and a step in the right direction in helping to save the Agency from the chop!

After the meeting a quick walk to Central Station and train ride to where I was staying that night with good friends.   Dinner at a beautiful Greek restaurant that night to discuss a fundraiser for Mesothelioma Research followed.   The next morning a surprise knock on my sister in law's front door for her birthday!  She was just so surprised - we so enjoyed our time together and after an overnight stay I flew home late Friday afternoon.

Even though out of breath when I arrived in Sydney, I was able to walk through it and was so glad that I did make the effort to attend the Workshop/Summit.

Yesterday (Sunday 1 June and our first day of Winter) found me sitting by the fire in the recliner chair with Charlie on my lap as my breathing was quite shallow and I was quite exhausted.  Again similar this morning ..... . 

Today 2 June we celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary - we will go out to lunch and toast to this Anniversary and to our next one!  I feel so lucky to still be here and well enough to celebrate this beautiful and special occassion with Keith.

Chemotherapy is scheduled for this week - not looking forward to it ... however there is no choice!

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