Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 7 Chemo slowly coming good!

Last Weds 4 June I had another lot of chemotherapy for peritoneal/pleural mesothelioma.  Alimta combined with Carboplatin. 

A blood test followed by a visit to see my acting oncologist Dr Vaughan with the nod to go ahead with chemotherapy.  I asked him if he had looked over my recent scans, and his reply was yes ..... not good, however as I present unpredictable with my treatments and survivals - anything is possible, though the cancer has now progressed and is on the move rapidly.

Due to no chairs in day chemo, I had to be admitted as a day patient to the oncology ward.  Waiting for a bed was a problem .... and by early afternoon I was hooked up to chemo and after a few hours released for home.

How do I describe this chemo?  An endless round of medications to combat the nausea, bile, anxiety, death feelings on day 3 and 4 .... , sleepless nights, .... .   Due to so many chemotherapy treatments over the years my body has built up a resistance to the chemo and I am finding it harder to stay positive being on it.  HOWEVER I am giving it my best shot and hopefully it will knock the little blighters again so that I will get a few months if not a couple of years more before further treatments.

Today is shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day here - we will go for a small country drive, probably pick up our mail and end up somewhere nice for a couple of hours.  The surprise of the unknown is sometimes the best medicine!

My thoughts are with the loved ones of  2 very brave mesothelioma warriors who died a year ago.  Debbie Brewer and Janelle Bedel.  Both were inspirational and always fighting the cause of others even though they both were so bravely living with this cancer on a daily basis. 

Kangaroos grazing in the garden.

This picture was taken in 2012, and it is the same at the moment - beautifully lush and green.

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