Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crystal Bay Gold Coast holiday Queensland and scanxiety!

After Canberra and speaking as a keynote speaker, I flew on to the Gold Coast, Queensland arriving late at night around 9pm.   My dear friend Helen picked me up and I enjoyed 2 nights staying at her place.

Lou and Helen enjoying morning tea at Shingle Inn, Gold Coast.

Tuesday 15 July we enjoyed a wonderful catch up/luncheon at Burleigh Heads Surf Club overlooking the beach with Gail Cook, Pat and Marilyn McCormack.   Gail lost her darling husband Steve 9 months ago to deadly mesothelioma.  Pat is living with mesothelioma.   Thank you Gail for arranging the venue - it was fabulous!  We were there for over 3 hours!

Next day I caught the train to Brisbane and surprised my daughter Debbie and little ones (Evie little grand-daughter who is 4, and Lux my little grandson who is 5) staying the night and helping them to pack/get organised for our holiday on the Gold Coast at Crystal Bay Resort for 7 nights leaving the following morning by train.
Debbie, Lux and Evie ready for our holiday on the Gold Coast!

Crystal Bay Resort, Gold Coast

On the train to Gold Coast, Evie, Lux and Nan Nan!

We had a great 7 days - beach, feeding the pelicans, fish'n'chips, plenty of fabulous playgrounds, Pacific Fair via the new G tram to see Tinkerbell and the pirates at the movies, Deb and kids went to Dreamworld one day while I went to Surfers Paradise to meet up with my dear friends for lunch.  Another day Deb wanted to take the little ones to Surfers Paradise and real waves .... great time spent with my daughter and grandkids, weather was just perfect - sunny and warm!

Keith flew up for the last 3 days - the first night he came over to where we were staying and enjoyed tacos with us for dinner.  We stayed with friends for the last 2 nights and enjoyed catching up with them.   We got to see Keith's brother a few times and the last day caught up with Keith's 3 kids and their partners/grandkids for breakfast.   We enjoyed that time so much.

Monday was my CT scan to see what is happening while on chemo.  I commenced further chemo early May ... results tomorrow.   I also came home with a head cold that is gradually easing, now Keith has it!

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