Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lou's CT scan results of peritoneal and pleural mesothelioma 30 July 2014

An anxious night of disturbed sleep for both Keith and myself.   Even though we both tried not to focus on my oncology appointment today at midday for results it was pretty impossible not to have it close in our minds.

A quiet drive down to Melbourne and blood tests for possible chemotherapy, then a wait of about 45 minutes in my oncologist's rooms.   Allan Zimet is my wonderful oncologist who has been treating me for 11 years now.   The wait was finally over - we were called in just after midday where Allan had the scan results up on his screen to view.

Mild 50% reduction in fluid - with the rest of the tumours/activity still there - so at least the fluid has been reduced and my breathing has improved as has my weight around the tummy area eased a few kilos!

Results of scan below:
Chronic right apical parenchymal pleural scarring is present.  Lungs and pleural spaces are otherwise clear with no evidence of chest mesothelioma. There is no axillary; hilar or mediastinal lymphadenopathy.
Abdomen and PelvisS ince April 2014 there has been a small reduction in the abdominal and pelvicascites although there is still a moderately large amount of ascites.  The peritoneal mass in the left anterior upper abdomen contacting the stomach and pancreatic body and tail and splenic hilum is unchanged in size with no change in mass effect; it measures approximately 7 x 7 x 10cm.  The peritoneal nodularity anterior to the descending colon deep to the anterior abdominal wallis unchanged.  There is no small or large bowel obstruction.  No lesions are seen in the upper abdominal viscera.There is an old compression fracture of Lumbar 2.

Conclusion:  Unchanged large left upper quadrant peritoneal mass and streaky change anterior to the descending colon.  A moderately large amount of ascites only slightly reduced in extent since April 2014.

Further 3 doses of chemotherapy alimta/carboplatin commencing next Weds as I still have remains of a cold/flu.   No steroids to be added to the chemo drugs.  A lighter dose of chemo drugs.

My response:

I am happy that there has been a mild reduction in fluid and my breathing is still not fantastic however it certainly has improved since prior to this round of chemotherapy.

A big thank you to all - family and friends for your ongoing support - this means the world to me and Keith.

Good luck to all the other mesothelioma warriors around the world who are going thru various treatments and waiting for scans/and results.

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