Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fatigue and returning to normality!

Underlying fatigue sets in after basis exertion, however it does not stop me from getting on with my life while undergoing chemotherapy!   I simply stop and have a rest then keep going .... .  I have to be careful with my shallow breathing and do stop and rest if need be.  Slowly returning to normality.  Weds will be day 14 since chemo.

When in Washington, April 2014 I was presented with the 2014 Alan Reinstein Award (ADAO Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation) at the annual global asbestos awareness conference for my commitment to education, advocacy and support to countless patients and families around the world.  Unfortunately my beautiful crystal teardrop award was broken on the tip in transit.   Linda Reinstein, ADAO kindly organised a replacement award to be sent to my home in Australia.  This beautiful award sits proudly on our living room mantle piece.

Lack of energy and lack of appetite at the moment leaves me hating the thought of planning what we are going to eat.   My beautiful neighbour and good friend tonight brought over a lovely sweet potato soup for our dinner - thank you Marg!

Our winter weather is well and truly here and sees Charlie (our siamese cat) spending most of his time cuddled up either on our laps or under a doona somewhere cosy and warm or by the fireplace.

This morning we went to our local country market at Gisborne and did a walking lap - by the time I had finished I was a bit exhausted, however glad that I had done it!

A good friend of mine passed away this week due to cancer.   She fought a very hard battle on a constant daily basis to stay alive.   RIP Miss Zoe - Luv you forever.

Photo: Wearing pink in remembrance of the late, beautiful Zoe Darling. RIP - you fought so hard and will be missed xo

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