Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fighting the mesothelioma beast! ADFA (Asbestos Diseases Foundation Australia) slams Channel 9’s The Block putting home renovators at risk of asbestos exposure with reckless ads.

It has been a few weeks since my last posting.  In that time I have been in a pretty dark place with my body/immune system.  Chemotherapy 12 days ago, 5 hour blood transfusion due to being very anaemic and extremely low red blood cells.  As a result my breathing has been restricted with chest tightening upon little exertion including light walking (thank goodness for park benches lol to lie down on and rest a few minutes)!

We are enjoying a few days in beautiful warm and sunny Tasmania by the beach to regain my strength and energy to fight this mesothelioma beast once again!  I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!  Lying on the bed listening to the gentle and rolling sound of the waves, light meditation and looking out to sea and the lighthouse in the distance across at Lowhead - very tranquil and peaceful - perfect medicine for me to regain the fight!

This year we have lost so many beautiful and brave mesothelioma warriors thanks to deadly asbestos greed.  I had become friends with these warriors and their families.  Totally senseless deaths.  We need to keep uniting on a global front to eradicate all asbestos worldwide.  In unity we are strong!

My heart goes out to many warriors who are doing it tough at the moment - treatment, scans etc.

Christmas and holidays for many are just around the corner - cherish your family and friends, without them we are empty in our hearts.
Channel 9 putting home renovators at risk of deadly asbestos exposure with reckless ads for The Block
Asbestos advocates have slammed a Channel 9 promotion for the new series of The Block, saying its dangerous disregard for safety could lead to home renovators suffering from deadly asbestos diseases due to dust exposure.
The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia urged management from the network to immediately pull the advertisements from the airwaves.
The video, promoting the 2015 series of The Block which is currently in production in Melbourne, features contestants using jackhammers, angle grinders, saws, sledge hammers and drills to tear through three units — covering themselves and occupants in clouds of dust.
ADFA president Barry Robson said not one person in the video was wearing any form of breathing protection, with contestants breaking through areas of older homes likely to be riddled with asbestos.
“Any house or unit built before 1987 has a good chance of containing asbestos, whether it was built from brick, weatherboard, or fibro,” Mr Robson said.
“People falsely think asbestos is only found in fibro sheets, but it can be found under floor coverings, behind tiles, in cement floors, around hot water pipers, in walls, ceilings, insulation products and fire protection.
“In their advertisement, The Block shows contestants smashing through many of these high-risk areas, in properties of an era where asbestos is likely to be present, all without any safety precautions being in place.”
Mr Robson said he was horrified by the commercial and feared it could lead to countless home renovators exposing themselves to deadly asbestos due to unsafe work practices.
“I was left absolutely speechless, with contestants shown falling through a ceiling, bringing clouds of dust and debris onto unsuspecting home owners, as power tools are shown tearing through the units,” he said.
“This is what happens when TV producers and advertisers, with no understanding of the very real dangers of asbestos, put the promotion of their product above the safety of their viewers.
“These ads need to be taken off the air immediately, The Block needs to ensure their units are asbestos free and viewers must be warned of the very real dangers posed to home renovators.
“Every year about 1,000 Australians die from asbestos diseases, with people exposed during home renovations the fastest growing group, which is why this behaviour is so dangerous.”
Lou's comment:  Absolutely appalling and total ignorance of the deadly dangers of all asbestos!  Putting innocent lives at risk both on television and the home renovators who will look at this video and think if they can do it then so can I - What is the big deal about 'asbestos' - something has to kill me one day!  These idiots forget they are not invisible and are exposing their family and friends to deadly asbestos fibres every time they endanger their own lives by going gungho and removing asbestos from their homes.  By simply releasing invisible fibres into the air they are exposing everyone.  As these fibres can stay dormant in your body for 20 to 40 years before deadly mesothelioma presents itself many people are of the attitude that asbestos awareness is over-rated!  Let me tell these idiots it is not!  I would not wish mesothelioma cancer on anyone - it is a painful and aggressive cancer that will literally take your breath away!

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