Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and turning the corner!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog due to being very unwell.  However ... I am turning the corner and feeling better/stronger each day!

3 weeks ago I had chemotherapy and a 5 hr blood transfusion due to being very anaemic and very low red blood cells.  Last week I became extremely weak upon any exertion including getting out of bed, chest tight and pains .... thank goodness for park benches to lie down on!  A phone call to my oncologist and an urgent Christmas eve appointment with blood test confirmed that I was very anaemic and low red blood cells - both more depleted than 3 weeks ago - so a blood transfusion followed immediately for 5 hours.  The good side of it was that I was home for Christmas!

Christmas day phone calls from my 2 daughters/grandkids while lying on the sofa outside for a few hours to regain my strength .... then off to family for a wonderful Christmas get-together lunch/present opening/good cheer and beautiful dinner with family.  I was thoroughly spoilt - and this year did not lift a finger to help - was just waited on - so thank you to family - it was very special.  Reminds me of when I was growing up and our beautiful family Christmas get-togethers that I continued when my kids were growing up.  A very special time when all family including grandparents/aunts/uncles etc come together and those who are on their own.

The previous Saturday we had driven to Bendigo - an hour north of here to my brother and SIL place for my side Xmas luncheon - very pleasant sitting under the shade of their beautiful pergola covered with grape vines.

Today is overcast and cloudy however the sun is trying to shine .... 20 degrees C expected.  Birds are singing and eating from the bird feeder - parrots/ravens/cockatoos/blue wrens/kookaburras .....
Charlie is on my lap - his double bell seems to have put a stop to his bunny collection!

Thank you to all my dear friends/mesowarriors globally - for your Christmas/New Year greetings/gifts/cards.

I know Christmas is a very hard time for some folks - my heart goes out to you and hugs coming your way.

For those doing it tough at the moment - I am sending you a rainbow of love, hope and strength.

Nice pic Paul ...

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