Friday, December 27, 2013

3 more sleeps until New Year's Eve!

Xmas day has been and gone - the lead up seemed to last for ages - I started putting my decorations and Xmas tree up mid November - so that Xmas would last longer!   Every year I sit at night and look at our beautiful tree with lights on, and think to myself will I/we be here this time next year!   Xmas is for the next generation and their generation again.  To see kids/grandkids eyes light up is pure magic on Xmas day!  On Xmas day we have 2 very special grandkids with birthdays!

As our kids were all busy, we had a wonderful Xmas luncheon - thanks to Keith's niece Nat and husband Paul for inviting us to their beautifully renovated home to celebrate with their family/3 little girls, Keith's sister (my beautiful sister in law)/husband and their siblings/partners and little one.  It was an extra special time knowing that I had just survived extensive chemotherapy and Keith his robotic prostate cancer operation and more recent car accident.   After Xmas lunch we visited our lovely 89 yr old friend Joyce who is 89 years old.  Joyce has a saying 'one day at a time'. - How true is this saying!

 On Xmas eve we visited our neighbours for a Xmas drink/exchange of gifts and also to see their beautiful Irish mother/mother in law who is 93 yrs old and staying for the Xmas week. Eli is her name, she said to me 'it is never far to a friend's door' how true is this saying whether it be to their 'actual' real door or the facebook/phone door!

We have 6 wonderful grownup kids between us (myself x 2) (Keith x 4) plus 12 grandkids (and 1 bub due soon) and 2 great grandkids.   It is a very busy time of the year for them  and one we love to share in.  Thank you for our years of happiness with U guys - we have had some fun times and will continue to do so.  Here is a toast to next Xmas!

Boxing Day I felt a bit flat, so started to take down some Xmas decorations although lol have left the Xmas tree and lights up until 6 January (that was my dad's birthday)!  Today as it is too hot outside, we are both doing a declutter/sorting things out and chucking a few things out as well!

We were not on our own for Xmas day - so many people around the world would have been on their own.   I have always over the years included others who I thought would be on their own to join us during the Xmas period, including Xmas in July, in some way whether it be for a drink/food or a catchup.

My heart goes out to those who have done it tough these last few days, even though having family around them, it does not compensate for their soulmates/partners/parents who have passed, and even though they have family/friends with them - they are on their own with their thoughts, grief and unbearable sadness.  

We have lost some beautiful mesothelioma warriors over the last few days/weeks around the world - all thanks to deadly asbestos fibres!   There is no safe asbestos - asbestos kills!

My heart goes out to those meso warriors who are doing it tough -  keep on keeping on - we are all behind you and holding your hand!

Today is a high fire danger/high alert day here 34 to 38 degrees with high winds.   There is expected to be a cool change coming later tonight.

Well only 3 more sleeps before New Year's Eve and then the new year 2014!

So Merry ho ho ho and bring on 2014!

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