Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday in Melbourne City

Last week!   Tuesday into Melbourne city for me, meeting Linda Thomas for lunch and a wander around the shops.   Last time we did this was a year ago when Linda was still living in UK, now she has moved out here and what a gutsy move on her own.   Will be so nice to catch up with her from time to time.   Wednesday I visited my 3 little beautiful grandkids for a few hours and my daughter.   I had a nurse of the little bub and the older kids and nana played games/puzzles.  The time that I spend with all of them is priceless.   My life has been enriched so much.   I am very proud of my daughter and her partner as they are great parents to my little grandkids.
Friday we went to Woodend, towards the end of our time there I went into the supermarket while Keith went back to the car and moved it into the shade of a tree on a side road.   Luckily he kept his seatbelt on, and started to read a book when all of a sudden he said it sounded like a bomb going off - the next thing he knew was when he woke up and 2 women were at his car window knocking on it saying 'Are you okay?'  Apparently a Ford Territory came tearing down the road, side swiped our car and pushed it 10 metres into the next car causing it to move into the intersection and stop of its own accord.   Luckily Keith did not suffer bad internal injuries, he did get some whiplash and a cut above his eyes - he was very very lucky.   Our car not so lucky - a writeoff!    Keith's daughter very kindly picked us up, took him to her doctor's clinic to be checked out before dropping us at home.
My brother Matt has kindly lent us his utility until we find a replacement car!

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