Sunday, December 1, 2013

Results of my PET/CT scan

Last week we went to see my oncologist for results of the recent PET/CT scan.   With a smile on his face, my oncologist Allan Zimet said 'Left hand side chest TUMOUR SHRINKAGE, Right hand side NO CHANGE/STABLE, Diaphragm - growing slightly ONLY! 
No further treatment at this stage, come back early Jan 2014!'

Both Keith and myself could not believe this news!  This time with chemotherapy I was fighting for my life and for the moment I have won!   I have my life back again!  For how long who knows - I am happy with this!   I can plan Christmas .... .

Having said that lol we are hosting the Bernie Banton Foundation Christmas luncheon at our place tomorrow.   Xmas tree and decorations are up and everything is ready for 11am tomorrow - I am so excited to be able to do this and feel slightly tired however WELL!

1st December today - I hope this month goes slowly until Xmas day as I love this time of the year.

The annual asbestos commemoration service was held last Friday 29 November, I remember last year returning from Nice, France the night before and attending the service.   As Keith had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and my cancer had come back .... we both looked at each other there, squeezed our hands and said to each other - will we be here in 12 mths!  Keith said 'if you look after me and vice versa we will be'!   Guess what - Keith has his health and I now have my health back!

Life has its ups and downs and if you can deal with what presents itself at the time, and let the universe take care of the big picture you will get through it.   For us, life is good - we have our health and each other.

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