Monday, May 19, 2014

2 weeks after chemotherapy, our country drives and .....

It is almost 2 weeks since my cocktail of chemotherapy drugs (Alimta and Carboplatin).   Last week's blood test revealed that bloods were way down.  I feel tomorrow's blood test and results with my visit to see the oncologist on Weds will definately show a further drop.  I have started to come good and have felt fine apart from getting out of breath quickly if I exert myself too much.  This evening my hair has started to fall out strand by strand ....., bile has set in and feeling anxious is creeping in ... however it will not beat me!

We have been making the most of our beautiful warm and sunny May days by going on country drives with the wind in our hair!   A drive to Woodend, Kyneton and yesterday to Malmsbury.

Malmsbury to visit a newly purpose built car barn/cafe for morning tea.  Jazz playing in the background and if we had of stayed for lunch - live jazz!   Highly recommended venue!  Followed by a walk around the Botanical Gardens opposite the cafe - Autumn leaves, lake and fresh air.

 Kyneton and a visit to a beautiful nursery - Garden Tap

Malmsbury - 5 span Viaduct railway bridge built in 1862

 Malmsbury - Car cafe

 Malmsbury - Botanical Gardens

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