Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chemo day 8 turned the corner finally!

It is now Day 8 since commencing chemo again (Alimta/Carboplatin).  Fatigue has set in - although this does not stop me from doing anything ... just now in moderation!   Bile taste that is there all the time and fluid buildup.

Blood tests yesterday and a visit to see my oncologist today for results.  Bloods down so a further test next week and to see the oncologist next Weds.  Re the fatigue - Alimta is a huge problem with this.  Bile taste to take the Pramin (anti nausea tablets) and re the fluid - too early at this stage of chemo to have any effect.

This evening I pottered in the garden pulling out a few plants and transplanting up near our top dam as the rabbits seemed to have chewed all the original plants.  I picked up some firewood in the wheelbarrow and put the rubbish bins out for collection early tomorrow.  After each physical work I would have to stop and rest as my breathing is a bit restricted due to the chemo.  It was good to get some sunshine and good air in my lungs!  Charlie followed me up to the top dam and after walking around and sniffing the bunny holes he decided to head back down to his inside window position and have a nap.

On a positive note - the current Government have decided for now to keep the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency however we still need to keep the 2 petitions (mine and the Union) active.  So please keep on signing and passing on to others to sign as well.

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