Friday, May 23, 2014

Blood transfusion and Vampire alert!

A visit to see my oncologist on Weds after blood tests the previous day revealed my bloods were way down and I was very anaemic.

Thursday we fronted up to the hospital and checked in with our appointment of 9.45am.  As there were no beds available we waited 2 hours for a bed to become vacant.  Next cross checking of my bloods had to take place, so a wait for the pathology team to come around to the ward and take some blood from me, then 3 hours later the bloods were delivered to the ward and the 5 hour process of being administered the bloods commenced.

As I had been waiting 5 hours already I was feeling pretty anxious and just wanted to go home, so I asked the head nurse to ph my oncologist and put in a request for just one bag of blood instead of the required two bags.   Straight away his response came back 'NO 2 BAGS IS A MUST!'  My oncologist made his rounds to see me just as the new bag was being administered and with a smile he said Í am looking better already'!  Even Keith was saying to me 'honey just another 3 hours out of today to have the 2nd lot of blood will be better than having to come back another time and have it'!
So just after 8pm we finally left the hospital.  I had a craving for salt and a piece of fish!  We stopped at the local fish'n chip shop and Keith bought me a piece of fish - mind you the next day I paid for it as the bile returned quickly and all that I could taste was the fish - however lol at the time I really enjoyed it!

A disturbed sleep both Thursday and again last night - think the Vampire alert in me was happening!  Today is shaping up to be a beautiful warm and sunny day with no winds - so Keith is about to start burning off our big pile of dead tree branches and logs that need to be done before August when our very windy season starts.

Windows need cleaning/washing and the garden needs some TLC - so I might slowly tackle this today.  Yesterday I worked thru feeling a bit out of breath and walked around for an hour outside picking up branches that had fallen down.  I find it is best to work thru feeling like this and I can always sit and rest for a few minutes in between.  There is nothing like beautiful fresh air and nature to keep us grounded in life!

 Charlie enjoying his time in the sun!  He loves his place near the window where he can watch us outside and also keep an eye out for any cars!

 Kangaroos grazing near the front patio.

 Kookaburras waiting for their breakfast!

 Yesterday after the light rain.

Picking up sticks and tending to the garden.

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