Monday, May 12, 2014

Keith's blog on being a carer/husband with me living with Mesothelioma and having treatment

Sat 9 May 2014
Hi all,

 A little late, but a bit chaotic around here:

- Louisa had to start chemotherapy again last wednesday as the cancer tumours have developed again to a large degree unfortunately.
  There is a large mass in her lower left chest just below heart area and  further fluid build up all around.  The Oncologist advised her to start immediately as it
  looked serious. She had 3 hours on chemo infusion at John Fawkner Private Hosp (Day Chemo Ward) in Melbourne on wednesday & is recovering (very slowly)
   at home now. Next visit to Oncologist is next wed, next chemo due 22 May if blood tests permit.

-  To be honest she is not looking too good, a lot of pain, morphine based tabs & other medications hardly helping at moment. Not eating much & finding it hard
   to get around.  However, as you all know with Louisa, she is mostly concerned about her family & friends, as well as the hundreds of her internet friends
  associated with the horrors of asbestos related diseases.

-  Also we have our good friends Lez & his wife Roz, from Tasmania, staying with us for about 8 days. Lez underwent open heart surgery last week at Epworth
   Hosp & is also recuperating at our house.

Both are in reasonably good spirits despite their problems.

That's about it folks; more as it happens.



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