Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chemo postponed after scan results

Well we (Keith and myself) fronted up for chemotherapy as scheduled today in Melbourne at the hospital.  Bloods taken first in pathology then a wait to see my oncologist Alan Zimet in his waiting room.  While waiting we talked to others who have various cancers and their partners/friends - it is like one big happy family at times catching up with the latest news/treatments/holidays ... .

Our turn came for us to be called in.  Alan looked at my blood results - all fine and up.   He felt my tummy/chest for fluid and said seems to be not much there ... .  I said that 4 weeks ago when we went to Tasmania I was struggling to walk up the stairs/walk far along the beach ... and by last week I was fine.  SO we both decided to postpone chemo today and have a CT abdo/chest scan next Monday.  This will work perfectly as I am due to give a talk/presentation earlier that day in Melbourne to do with asbestos education..  Always good to combine more than just one appointment!!  When we get results of scans next Friday week, it will be to see what is happening and also whether further chemo is warranted/needed.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes on my chemo today - it meant so much to me.  Please keep them coming - it is working!!!
To all those warriors who are doing it tough at the moment my heart is with you.

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