Friday, September 26, 2014

CT scan results and catching up with friends. Mesothelioma National Day

After a funny night of scanxiety - mostly sleep although some disturbed sleep mainly thanks to Charlie running/jumping over my head/body in bed as he had a restless sleep and every bit of light that would come through the window he would think it was morning and want to get up ... so he would disturb me in the process!  I think he just knew that it was an anxious night for me ... !

This morning a catch up in Woodend with friends who are in the process of moving into their newly built home.  This evening prior to my oncology visit we also called in to see a dear elderly friend who is 93 years of age for a catch up and cuppa.

Then on to the hospital for my appointment at 5.15pm.  When we were called into see Dr Zimet, he had the comparison CT scans up on his screen (previous one in July 2014) .... pretty stable since that scan ... there is a large dead mass left hand side of chest wall that appears to be a dead mass/tumour thanks to the chemotherapy .... .  Dr Zimet has ordered a PET scan for Tuesday to see what is happening, if no tumour active then he may decide to drain the dead mass and litre of fluid, however if active then will leave alone and decide on further options.  A round the table discussion at the hospital with Multidisciplinary team will follow next Thursday.

As the Melbourne traffic was in peak hour we decided to head over to Essendon and have dinner at the Windy Hill clubhouse.  Always good to keep supporting the bombers!!!

I think tomorrow we will have a day at home and catch up on jobs around the house!  Mainly outside while the weather is going to be a beautiful warm and sunny 26 degrees.

(Sept 26th) is National Mesothelioma Awareness Day. We take time to humbly remember those we lost and to continue the fight against this horrible disease in UK and USA! Australia does not have a National Mesothelioma Awareness Day - we need to be part of this global day! This is our chance to create awareness, advocacy and educate innocent people on the dangers of deadly asbestos fibres. The more knowledge and awareness we have, the less likely your children and their children of the future will die from deadly mesothelioma asbestos cancer. Please continue to sign the link below.

Both UK and USA have such wonderful events planned on their Mesothelioma Day 26 September - we need to share this day on a global scale to get the message out to all - there is no safe asbestos/asbestos kills!

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