Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Living in between treatments with mesothelioma! Surprise pirate birthday party!!

I have been secretly planning a surprise pirate birthday party for my husband Keith for about 2 months of serious planning and I am pleased to say that it was a total surprise on the day for Keith!  I love surprising him - mind you I would hate to be surprised myself!!!  20 years ago while living in Brussels, Belgium I successfully surprised Keith for his birthday - we had over 20 expat nationalities and each one brought a plate of food.  I remember taking a picture of Australia to the local Flemish cake shop in Sterrebeek where we lived at the time and in broken Flemish explaining that I wanted a map of Australia cake.  When I picked it up it looked more like an upside down map of Belgium!!

10 years later I surprised Keith with a Formula 1 Motor racing Grand Prix party just after we had moved into where we now live.  It was a fabulous party.

This one was great too!  The sun put on a wonderful display of nonstop sunshine! Saturday Keith thought that we were going out to dinner with friends in Launceston to celebrate his special birthday that evening.  Midday his brother arrived (he had flown down from Queensland) .... then 2pm everyone arrived dressed as pirates.   Keith was transformed into a pirate as well.
Drinks/nibblies/bbq kebabs on the deck that was decked out like a pirate boat ... pirate themed cake and lots of vino/laughter and sunshine until about 6pm when everyone went home.  6 here overnight and by 7pm we were all totally exhausted!  A really fabulous party and one that I pulled off as a total surprise again!

A wonderful weekend, by Monday night we were exhausted however very happy.  Yesterday walking on the beach with Keith I felt very relaxed and virtually free of pain and breathing was great compared to when we arrived here a few weeks ago.  This morning a different story - my tummy was quite tight with fluid and my arm nagging sharp pain .... and I felt a bit tired, however I have come good tonight and tomorrow is a new day!

Thinking about those warriors who are having treatment, not feeling too well at the moment and/or waiting for results.  I send love, strength and smiles your way.

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