Friday, March 28, 2014

Ban asbestos! It kills! 5 more sleeps until I fly to Washington for ADAO's 10th annual Asbestos Conference!

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is proud to announce that Janelle Bedel, Heather Von St James, and Lou Williams will be recognized with the 2014 Alan Reinstein award on April 5, 2014 in Washington, D.C. ADAO is deeply grateful to each of these women for their dedication and commitment to education, advocacy, and support to patients and families around the world. 
 The above picture is of Heather and myself who will be both attending this conference.

 Sadly our brave and young warrior Janelle lost her battle with mesothelioma.  She was a true fighter to the end and dearly loved by all.  Her father will attending the conference to receive her well deserved award.  Janelle was an inspiration to all - her courage and determination to make a difference will never be forgotten.   We love you beautiful angel - sleep in peace.

When ADAO contacted me last year (2013) and asked if I would accept this award - I was just so humbled by being asked to accept an award!  I thought to myself  'Why should I be singled out to accept an award when there are so many other warriors who are more deserving than myself!
It truly is an honour to accept this award on behalf of all other brave and beautiful warriors who are not able to have a voice anymore, and one of those warriors was my dear father who lost his life in 1985 to mesothelioma.

The fight continues to ban asbestos on a global scale.   America still has not banned asbestos!  We still have a long fight ahead of us for a worldwide ban on eradicating asbestos.  Small steps like coming together in unity such as this 10th annual ADAO's asbestos conference goes a long way in promoting unity, awareness, education and support for each other to join forces and march onwards until asbestos is banned/eradicated entirely from the world!

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