Saturday, June 22, 2013

A week of heartache thanks to deadly asbestos!

More beautiful lives have been taken early thanks to deadly asbestos and pure greed of those who knew that asbestos was deadly and did absolutely nothing to warn innocent people of these dangers.  Instead they chose to mine and use asbestos in everything possible without warnings that asbestos exposure is deadly.

To name a few beautiful warriors Debbie, Helen, Noura and more recently Janelle.  Janelle (USA) lost her life at the young age of 37 yrs!  How cruel is asbestos and greed!!  We must continue to globally ban asbestos, ban the mining, production and use of asbestos and also heavily subsidise assessment, removal and disposal of this terrible and deadly product before it kills many millions of innocent lives.  There is no safe asbestos, asbestos kills - simple as that!

So many people think that as they have been exposed to asbestos in their lifetime that they are immune to getting an ARD (asbestos related disease)!  Well unfortunately for many of these innocent and niave people it may be wrong.  Usual time until diagnosis can be 10 to 40 years,  and also leading up to their diagnosis they may experience strange symptoms, mine were bad migraines and chronic fatigue to name a couple of things.

Minimal exposure is possible to getting an ARD, there is no hard and fast rule that says the exposure can be minimal or maximum.  Asbestos does not separate, it grabs whoever is in its deadly path and laughs in our faces as does the greed of some parasites who feed of it!

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