Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Very proud to accept the 2014 Alan Reinstein award (Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation) America

Thank you Linda, this truly is a very great honour and to be shared with 2 beautiful warriors Janelle and Heather, who are so deserving of this wonderful award. My heart goes out to Janelle, I am so pleased that she was able to acknowledge and receive her award - such a beautiful warrior. We will continue the fight!
Thank you to Linda, Rod, Karen and Heather - I am so blessed to know you guys!  RIP beautiful warrior Janelle.  

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is proud to announce that Janelle Bedel, Heather Von St James, and Lou Williams will be recognized with the 2014 Alan Reinstein award on April 5, 2014 in Washington, D.C. ADAO is deeply grateful to each of these women for their dedication and commitment to education, advocacy, and support to patients and families around the world.
April 4 - 6, 2014 Washington, D.C.
Today our beautiful Linda Reinstein, ADAO announced on facebook another recipient of this deserving and wonderful award - myself!  It is a great honour to be acknowledged with this award and I thank ADAO for recognising the work that I do to raise asbestos awareness, advocacy and support globally. 

The Bernie Banton Foundation is proud its' Asbestos Awareness Information and Support Officer Lou Williams has been recognised globally for her untiring efforts world wide in heightening awareness to the dangers of asbestos, and continually supporting asbestos related disease (ARD) sufferers and their families.

Lou is a truly worthy co-recipient of the ADAO 2014 Alan Reinstein Award. I know she feels honoured to be receiving this award along with fellow mesothelioma cancer survivor Heather Von St.James and the late Janelle Bedel who lost her battle with mesothelioma only a week ago.

I wrote the following about Lou on the 19th June, I wont try to improve on it as I think it really does sum Lou up:

"Lou Williams is a legend, no not in her own mind, but around the world, as an asbestos cancer survivor, supporter of many adversely affected by exposure to asbestos, and an awareness advocate.
All at the Bernie Banton Foundation are proud to call Lou, not only a fellow team member, but a friend!
Karen and I call her KS ('Kindred Spirit' - As she was also to my late, beloved Julie), but she is far more than that, she is a very special person."

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