Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend of winter weather in Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Our winter is finally here after a false start of 4 weeks of reasonably sunny and mild days!  Freezing cold outside, heaters on inside and sometimes at night the open fire lit with Charlie our siamese cat sitting in my favourite comfy chair waiting for me to finish on the computer and sit there with him and enjoy the warmth and television.

Keith is currently sitting there watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix ... with Charlie on his lap.

We had family over yesterday for lunch, it was a lovely day sitting around our dining table catching up on the latest with what the kids and their partners are doing.  As we grow older ... the next generation seems to be catching up slowly ... and we seem to be the 'oldies'! 

I found it hard to get out of bed today, very fatigued and it took until midday to come good.  My breathing was a bit shallow, swelling of fluid tightness in the diagrahm area and under the chest area though nothing major that I couldn't work through myself!  We went for a drive up to Mt Macedon and stopped to get our PO box mail there then did a short walk.  Half way up the hill I started to get chest tightening so we turned around and walked back to the car and then home.

Later in the day Keith got the chainsaw out and cut a few fallen gumtrees while I carted the branches down to a fire that he has going to burn all the tree rubbish in the middle of the paddock.  We are on nearly 5 acres of beautiful rolling countryside with lots of lovely old gumtrees that are starting to fall branches due to old age and wind/drought weather.  Tonight I feel better although my tummy area is still tight with fluid.  It will pass .... .

No word on my appointment with my oncologist as yet.  I will phone in the morning.  The radiologist, Malcolm Feigen was presenting my case last Thursday to the multi discipline medical team and then report back to my oncologist Allan Zimet.  So hopefully this did happen Thursday, if not it will take place this week and my appointment will be scheduled for then.

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