Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 Jan 2014 Oncology visit

I had blood tests done on Monday 6 January, then this afternoon an appointment with my oncologist Allan Zimet for results and a checkup.   (My last visit was 6 weeks ago).   Blood tests were fine.
I mentioned to Allan that I have been experiencing a tightness/hardness in the tummy area.   He said to get up on the table and he will check the tummy area, with pressing he said it appeared to be okay .... and for me to 'monitor' it.

So another appointment was organised for mid March, unless I felt the need to make one earlier.   So Keith and myself can breathe again and continue to plan the few months knowing that I am okay!  This time last year my breathing/pain/tightening was getting worse and now 12 months later I am once again travelling well!  I wish with all my heart that this was the case with other brave mesothelioma warriors!   It does show that it can happen!   As I have said before, I believe accepting that I have this cancer and living with it is a big part of my ongoing positivity with living my life.   When something presents itself - I deal with it, then get on with life.   I have my ups and downs living with mesothelioma and at the moment I am on an up!!

We had a look at a car on the way home - as we are busy looking for another car to replace our one that was a write off in an accident on Friday 13 December 2013!   Keith is in his element looking on and the hunt is on again for the perfect car!   We need to find one soon as my brother kindly lent his twin cab utility to us to drive in the meantime.

I have been asked to speak/attend the inaugural Ban Asbestos Conference in Pakistan on behalf of Australia/Bernie Banton Foundation on 1 February.   Unfortunately I am unable to attend in person however I will do a video linkup prior to the conference.    It is indeed a huge honor to be asked and one that I am acknowledge with pride and an opportunity to get our message across for all the warriors around the world - there is no safe asbestos, asbestos kills.   We need a global ban and with this conference to be held in Pakistan it is another way of achieving this!

On our way home tonight we stopped in at our favourite Indian restaurant and had a meal and toasted with a glass of Mango Lassi to us and to all the warriors around the world!

On that note I am off to bed!

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