Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tribute to a beautiful warrior Jan Egerton and living life with mesothelioma

We are currently in the process of updating to a new computer as our old one has given up the ghost - and is now so so slow to upload any basic form of keystrokes to the point that I could put an axe through it!    So shortly I will be back up and running!

We lost a beautiful, courageous and very brave warrior in the UK a few days ago - Jan Egerton.   Over the last few years when either of us had been going thru rough patches including cancer treatments we supported each other.   Now that she is not here, I do feel a loss as other warriors can understand.    Having this cancer we are unique in the fact that it is such an aggressive one and limited 'working' treatments so much so that we have to really track our own journey with the help of the medical field and also natural therapies too, plus the power of the mind is a wonderful tool to have as well.  My heart goes out to Jan's husband Gary - her soul mate and now he is left behind thanks to deadly asbestos greed to pick up the pieces without his beautiful Jan.   RIP my angel.

Last weekend was a long 3 day 'holiday' period to celebrate Australia Day on 26 Jan.   I caught the train to Bendigo, Victoria and stayed 2 days with my brother and his wife.   My brother helped to put together my speech via video for the inaugural 1 Feb 2014 Ban Asbestos Conference to be held in Pakistan.   I will post my speech after the conference is held next Sat 1 Feb.   It is a very exciting time for the global community to come together and join forces with Pakistan to convince their Government to ban asbestos totally from their country.   The power of social media and us global warriors feature in my speech.

My beautiful little grand-daughter Ruby and little step-grandson Hunter both started school and little step-great grandson Cody for the first time.   3 little ones on a life time journey of learning, education and fun.

Yesterday I caught the trains to Williamstown, Melbourne - met my sister in law for a chat/drink at a little cafĂ© there, then made my way to a family funeral near by.   My 91 year old aunt died - it was a really nice funeral as her life was live to the fullest until a few years ago when she sadly contracted dementia.   So catching up with long lost cousins that I hadn't seen for a few years was great and no doubt contact is now made again that will renew friendships and visits.   Thanks to the power of social media to keep in touch.    My aunt was able to live a natural life to the end.   We don't have that luxury - our path is already chosen to end earlier than normal thanks to asbestos greed!  In the mean time we live life in the moment and let the universe take care of the big picture.

My dear cousin who I see regularly said to me yesterday what are my plans for next Christmas - I replied ''I don't look that far ahead, I can't ..... I can plan and look forward to the next couple of months then I will assess the situation again'.

It is still very hot here and will be for the next week with temperatures to be in the mid 40s celcius.   As long as the wind stays dormant so that the threat of bush fires is not as strong I will be happy.   We had to get a truckload of water in yesterday as our tank had dried up.   $150 for a load of water!   Please rain soon as our garden/grass is so dry and brown.   What plants survive will do so ... .

Today I met up with Rod Smith/Karen Banton - part of our organisation and dear friends (Bernie Banton Foundation) for lunch and a meeting to discuss a few things.   Weather was perfect and the views where we had lunch were just the best sea views.

On that note I will close this blog tonight.   My heart is with all the beautiful warriors globally who are not well at the moment.

On the global front we are making a difference with a ban on asbestos that is gradually happening around the world - we need to keep focussed as we do not want our children and their children to be continually exposed to deadly asbestos fibres.

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