Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mad Hatter's High Tea Party with hats and bow ties! Market Sunday.

Keith and myself were invited yesterday to a Mad Hatter's High Tea Party providing that ladies wore a hat and the guys a bow tie!   We arrived at 1pm and were seated shortly after at our table of 10.   Only 2 ladies (I was one!) that had hats on, and Keith and 2 other guys wore bow ties that came off within a few minutes of sitting down as did our hats!   What a feast - both gluten free and normal food with unlimited tea/coffees and a glass of champagne.   The owner who is an accomplished pianist played his piano to requests while we and others in the restaurant enjoyed an afternoon of laughter, fun and music.

Tylden Harvester Cafe/Restaurant is an art deco building situated in Tylden a little country town halfway between Woodend and Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

This morning we ventured down to our local market at Gisborne town centre.   It was very crowded so we quickly walked around then bought a few things including some lavender plants from my favourite stall holder - a little Italian lady Maria, who grows all her fruit/vege/plants herself.   She was diagnosed 12 years ago with breast cancer and is very well at the moment and keeping herself busy with her stall.

Then up to the Trading Post General Store/cafe/post office at Mount Macedon where we have a PO Box for our mail, so collected our mail and had a coffee/tea sitting outside chatting to friends/locals and looking at the various cars going past - we are looking for a car to replace our car that was a write off in an accident on Friday 13 December 2013!

Back home and very very windy here today so a good chance to catch up on some housework/decluttering and paperwork inside and leaving the outside chores for another day when the wind dies down.

We have just lost another brave warrior today - my heart goes out to his family and may he be at peace.

Tomorrow I will be having a blood test and then seeing my oncologist Allan Zimet on Weds for a checkup to see how I am doing.  

May this week bring some sunshine into our lives and a nice surprise!

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