Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being alive with mesothelioma and celebrating the birth of a new grandchild!

My daughter Jo gave birth today to a beautiful and healthy little boy!  I am going to visit tomorrow and have my first cuddle - so looking forward to doing so. 

Also today I have turned the corner after 2 weeks since my last 2 lots of chemo my side effects have eased apart from shallow/tight breathing and slight bile/metallic taste so my immune system is now getting strength again and ready to have chemo next Tuesday (gemzar) and Weds overnight in hospital for the cisplatin.

10 years ago when I actually started having palliative treatment for mesothelioma I so wanted to be here to see my little grandchildren being born ... I am now up to the count of 5!  Now my wish is to see every one of them start school ... then after that we will see what the next milestone will be.

Through sheer hard work with living with mesothelioma I have made it this far and am hoping for a long time yet!

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