Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chemo delayed due to platelets low

Yesterday (Tuesday) we made the round trip to Melbourne (170kms) to have my third dose of chemotherapy treatment Gemzar in day chemo ward at John Fawkner Hospital.  Day chemo greeted us like old friends - this is my third round in 10 years and most of the staff are still there making patients and family very welcome.  We have become very friendly with some of the staff over the years and always drop in when visiting the hospital.

My PICC line was dressed, it is slightly bruised, however due to being a week old this is pretty normal.   Bloods taken, Keith took them to pathology (next door building) while I made my way across to see the oncologist ... he said 'very heavy dose of cisplatin/gemzar last week - yr system is toxic will see how it goes, gemzar today'  I asked him what my chances of survival with treatment ... he said I am pretty confident a year or 2 ... maybe 5 yrs'.   I said I am happy with that - and will get through it again!

Keith brought the sheet of paper in with blood results and straight away my onco (Allan Zimet) said 'chemo off this week due to low platelets, come back to have picc dressed next week and see me to discuss when next chemo'!

Home via Le Fruit'N'Vege organic cafe/fruit shop for a kiwi fruit smoothie for protein, feeling very fatigued and body starting to ache ... Charlie and myself sat in our comfy chair by the open fire place until about 9pm then went to bed - NO COMPUTER lol until now 2.48am!

So .... with the delay in chemo for at least another week ... my immune system will have a chance to get stronger!  I am happy with that!

When we arrived home - the most beautiful flowers were waiting for us - a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jan and Gary in UK - your gift means so much, just knowing that the love from U guys has come half way around the world and is now sitting in a beautiful vase on our coffee table - I can feel the love.

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