Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hi World! Lou is back home!

Hi everyone - I am HOME again after 3 days/2 nights stay in hospital at John Fawkner hospital, Melbourne.

I am so overwhelmed with all the beautiful caring messages, phone calls, cards etc that I am receiving - I love you all and thank you for being there - your healing strengths give me hope, love and lift up my spirit to keep on fighting this dreaded asbestos cancer - mesothelioma.

Tuesday 6 August I was admitted to the hospital in the wonderful chemotherapy ward - 2West.  It is amazing to think that most of the staff have been there on my journey since my treatment commenced in 2003 at this hospital.  I was lol treated like a STAR from the time that Keith and myself checked into the hospital where a lovely lady Theresa did the paperwork and rang through to 2West to check that 'my bed was ready and hopefully in a nice single room' .... Theresa has been there too all these years and she is such a beautiful person too. 

I settled into my room, then was sent downstairs to theatre for a PICC line to be inserted on my right arm, making it much easier for the chemotherapy needles to be inserted directly into this line without me being pricked and poked as most of my veins tend to collapse when having chemotherapy.  Next hydration and then the chemotherapy drug GEMZAR commenced.

Yesterday hydration for nearly 24 hours commenced and in between I was given the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin.  I had a weird reaction to prior to the cisplatin and while it was going into my veins - lock jaw of my mouth/nexk and chin - weird.  Luckily my wonderful oncologist Alan Zimet was doing his rounds and arranged for cortisone and an antihistimine to be administed.  Eventually both these drugs helped to calm the situation.

A very brave and strong mesothelioma warrior visited me in hospital on both days, my darling husband came into see me every day, 2 of my sister in laws came in too - thank you for your visits - they meant so much.

This morning I was quite drained etc, however with some tapping, positive thinking, a PICC dressing change, shower and Keith waiting to take me home - I was set to go!  Feeling like I couldn't walk too far was not something that I thought would hit me so fast after only 2 lots of chemotherapy! 

By the time we arrived home I was slightly exhausted, felt slighty nausea coming on, however decided to enjoy the beautiful winter sunshine and head outside - Charlie our beautiful 5 year old siamese cat decided to follow me and we slowly took in the sun, walked up to the gate, started to pick up some small branches around the property and in between sit and rest for a little while and just enjoy being ALIVE AND BEING NORMAL!

One sadness is not being able to be there next week when my daughter Jo has her baby - I was on standby to mind by beautiful little grandkids, however with chemotherapy it is not an option due to the chemicals/chemotherapy maybe ... .  Better not to take the risk however U can bet I will be visiting as soon as I am given the clear in between this chemo regime!

The regime will be an 8 day cycle then 2 weeks off ... for about 2 months then a scan and it will be a wait and see - hopefully I will again receive a stable or better still - shrinkage message from my oncologist!  Gemzar next Tuesday in Day Chemo Ward at John Fawkner hospital where it is really a very nice place to visit thanks to the wonderful staff.

I am okay - taking my tablets for the next couple of days thanks to my carer Keith who is doing a fabulous job of reminding me of things that I had forgotten since the last chemo.  For example a salt mouthwash after every meal and before bedtime .... .

10 years ago I had this combination Gemzar and Cisplatin, then in 2010 Alimta and Cisplatin.

Once again a beautiful rainbow of love, strength and hope coming to all mesothelioma warriors around the world - You are all so brave.

A big thank to all for your strength, hope, healing vibes they give me the strength to keep on fighting for myself and everyone else and in particular those who have lost their beautiful life to this horrible asbestos cancer.

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