Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend and visit to oncologist tomorrow!

Yesterday we slept in after a busy week spent mostly in Melbourne.  Strange to say, because of this sleep in, last night was a night where I couldn't really sleep and just laid there until I got up about 5am, made a green tea and turned the computer on. 

Saturday we went up to Mt Macedon Trading Post/General store/cafe and where we have our post office box for our mail.  As it was absolutely freezing when we left here, I put a scarf/gloves/parka/boots on and jumped in the car, when we got up to our gate ... there was a family of kangaroos standing in a row watching us, usually the whole family stand there including uncles/aunts ... however yesterday there was the big daddy kangaroo, mummy kanga with a little joey in her pouch and the little kanga next to her.  Keith went to take a photo but they were too cunning and jumped away.

Today a visit into Gisborne for the monthly farmer's market where we bought 4 Rosemary plants to replace those that died in the drought.  Now the rosemary hedge will be complete once again.   I did some pottering/weeding in the garden this afternoon, then made dinner, 2 banana cakes/bread, free range chicken in the oven for Charlie (our siamese cat) and an apple/pear crumble ... just because the oven was on and I felt like it!  Normally I cannot be bothered to do lots of cooking, I find it too exhausting whereas I used to love cooking/entertaining.  Guess my energy levels are depleted as is my breathing at times - NOT THAT IT STOPS ME LOL!

Tomorrow a visit to Melbourne for my appointment with oncologist in Richmond for results of the recent pet scan (last Wednesday) and to compare with the previous pet scan of March 2013 for possible chemo where tumours are close to heart area, my oncologist is concerned that this might be causing my depleted breathing.

I hope to see my daughter in Melbourne and little grandson as well.  My daughter is expecting her third bub next week, so I am on standby waiting to race down there and mind the kids when needed.  Yes lol I am a proud nana!

I feel for some warriors who are doing it tough at the moment around the world - all I can say is to just live in the moment and get through it, rest, go with the pain ... and always remember we are here for you.

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